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Contested Nature
Contested Nature (August 2003)
Promoting International Biodiversity with Social Justice in the Twenty-first Century
Steven R. Brechin - Editor
Peter R. Wilshusen - Editor
Crystal L. Fortwangler - Editor
Patrick C. West - Editor

Contends that effective biological conservation and social justice must go hand in hand.

How can the international conservation movement protect biological diversity, while at the same time safeguarding the rights and fulfilling the needs of people, particularly the poor? Contested Nature argues that to be successful in the long-term, social justice and biological conservation must go hand in hand. The protecti...(Read More)
Transforming the Dream
Transforming the Dream (March 2003)
Ecologism and the Shaping of an Alternative American Vision
Charles Sokol Bednar - Author

Explores the underlying assumptions of environmental studies and the need for a new paradigm for understanding our world.

Transforming the Dream
challenges American mainstream culture's obsession with unlimited economic and industrial growth. Drawing on works by Roy Morrison, Murray Bookchin, Daniel C. Maguire, Paul Taylor, C. A. Bowers, and others, Bednar critiques the ideological status quo, offering an alternative...(Read More)
Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit
Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit (January 2000)
Thomas Davis - Author

Documents and describes the Menominee Indians' tribal practice of sustainable environmental development.

Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit tells the story of the Menominee Indian Tribe and how they have sustained their 230,000 acre forest in ways that have enhanced, rather than degraded, the environment in the face of development pressures. Through a careful look at Menominee history, politics, institutions, econ...(Read More)
Regulating Wetlands Protection
Regulating Wetlands Protection (November 1999)
Environmental Federalism and the States
Ronald Keith Gaddie - Author
James L. Regens - Author

Wetlands are a valuable natural resource, yet over 200,000 acres are destroyed in the United States each year. An alternative recently promoted to improve wetland protection is state assumption of the law governing wetland protection, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (section 404). This book discusses the implementation problems associated with the national wetland regulation program and examines the state assumption option in twelve states, ...(Read More)
The Environmental Presidency
The Environmental Presidency (September 1999)
Dennis L. Soden - Editor

Examines how the modern presidency has responded to environmental concerns.

The Environmental Presidency develops a systematic understanding of how presidents have influenced the development of environmental and natural resource policy through an examination of environmental behavior and interaction patterns between the president and the American people. Looking at five presidential roles--Commander in Chief, Ch...(Read More)
Anarchy and the Environment
Anarchy and the Environment (May 1999)
The International Relations of Common Pool Resources
J. Samuel Barkin - Editor
George E. Shambaugh - Editor

Argues that the logic of common pool resources is the most appropriate and productive way to understand international environmental conflict, and offers important practical insights into environmental negotiations and bargaining.

"International environmental problems are of rising salience in the field and this book promises to be highly relevant for all of them. While the focus of the book--Common Pool Resources-- ...(Read More)
Contested Grounds
Contested Grounds (April 1999)
Security and Conflict in the New Environmental Politics
Daniel H. Deudney - Editor
Richard A. Matthew - Editor

Presents diverse views on the relationship between environmental politics and international security.

Since the end of the Cold War, the relationship between international security and the environment has been subject to intensive policy concern, scholarly debate and research. Contested Grounds brings together many of the best known researchers on this emerging topic as they present sharply conflicting views on t...(Read More)
Redefining Red and Green
Redefining Red and Green (January 1999)
Ideology and Strategy in European Political Ecology
Tad Shull - Author

Examines the strategic impact of two European ecology parties on the recomposition of left-wing politics in their countries.

Redefining Red and Green explores the political strategies of two European ecology parties, the socialist German Grunen and the radically democratic French Les Verts. The strategies represent typical choices--and dilemmas--of progressive politics, with far-reaching implications. Once proud ...(Read More)
The Practice of Technology
The Practice of Technology (October 1995)
Exploring Technology, Ecophilosophy, and Spiritual Disciplines for Vital Links
Alan Drengson - Author

Asks why current practices of technology negatively impact humans and the earth and how we can gain a holistic understanding so technology practices can be changed to support the environment.

"This is the first comprehensive treatment I have read that addresses the connections between technology, ecologically-centered philosophy, and the wisdom of spiritual disciplines. This broader treatment of technology is much neede...(Read More)
Ecological Resistance Movements
Ecological Resistance Movements (October 1995)
The Global Emergence of Radical and Popular Environmentalism
Bron Raymond Taylor - Editor

"The authors pay serious, systematic attention to a social and political phenomenon (grassroots ecological resistance) of global importance. Taylor is correct in his claim in the Preface that insufficient scholarly attention has been paid to grassroots environmentalism. This book takes a big step in the right direction. It will appeal to a wide audience within the academy and without." -- Steve Breyman, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute