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Sharing the Wealth
Sharing the Wealth (July 2008)
Member Contributions and the Exchange Theory of Party Influence in the U.S. House of Representatives
Damon M. Cann - Author

2009 Richard F. Fenno Jr. Prize of the Legislative Studies Section of the American Political Science Association

Documents the ever-larger sums donated by incumbent members of Congress to their parties and other candidates, and discusses the consequences.

While students of American politics are accustomed to thinking of members of Congress as recipients of campaign contributions, Sh...(Read More)
Do Voters Look to the Future?
Do Voters Look to the Future? (June 2008)
Economics and Elections
Brad Lockerbie - Author

Argues in favor of a different model of voting behavior.

Do voters look to the past, the future, or both when deciding how to vote? In Do Voters Look to the Future?, Brad Lockerbie shows voters to be more sophisticated than much of the work in political science would suggest. He argues that voters do not simply reward or punish the incumbent administration, but instead make a comparative evaluation of th...(Read More)
The Final Arbiter
The Final Arbiter (September 2005)
The Consequences of Bush v. Gore for Law and Politics
Christopher P. Banks - Editor
David B. Cohen - Editor
John C. Green - Editor

Combines perspectives from law and the social sciences to assess the long-term impact of the 2000 presidential election.

The resolution of the 2000 presidential election by the U.S. Supreme Court's Bush v. Gore decision generated an extraordinary outpouring of literature in a very short period of time. Now that the initial furor over the decision has subsided, The Final Arbiter presents a sober considera...(Read More)
For Better or Worse?
For Better or Worse? (March 2004)
How Political Consultants are Changing Elections in the United States
David A. Dulio - Author

Investigates the effects of political consultants on American democracy.

For Better or Worse?
offers a fresh look at how professional campaign consultants have both positive and negative effects on democracy in the United States. Questioning much of the prevailing conventional wisdom, David A. Dulio employs a unique set of data that empirically examines consultants' own attitudes and beliefs to evaluate where they st...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1999
The Elections in Israel 1999 (March 2002)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

Considers the impact of the 1999 Israeli elections.

This volume highlights Israel’s 1999 elections, in which the prime-ministerial race between incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak ended with Barak winning by the biggest landslide ever in Israel. Although some observers interpreted these results as a fundamental shift in public opinion, there is little evidence to support this. The book shows how old pattern...(Read More)
The Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel, 1948-2000
The Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel, 1948-2000 (May 2001)
A Political Study
As'ad Ghanem - Author

CHOICE 2001 Outstanding Academic Book
Examines the difficulties of Palestinian-Arab political life in Israel.

As'ad Ghanem provides a comprehensive description of the political development of the Palestinian-Arab minority in Israel and also discusses their social, cultural, and economic experiences. Covering two main aspects of politics--the different manifestations of politics and the dilemmas created by these politics--he ...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1996
The Elections in Israel 1996 (July 1999)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

Leading social scientists from Israeli and American universities, using different methods and representing diverse intellectual traditions, address the precedent-setting events of Israel's 1996 elections. The contributors discuss the meaning of collective identity, the role of religion and nationalism in modern Israel, the political behavior of Israeli Arabs, the secrets of success of the immigrant party. Also discussed are issues such as the impact...(Read More)
American Presidential Elections
American Presidential Elections (May 1996)
Process, Policy, and Political Change
Harvey L. Schantz - Editor

Milton Cummings, Everett Ladd, David Mayhew, Gerald Pomper, and Harvey Schantz analyze presidential elections over the sweep of American history and examine their impact on political parties, public policy, and society.

"Unlike many other books on the 1992 presidential elections, this book sets the Clinton victory in the context of all presidential elections held in this century, with special attention given to the last ...(Read More)
Transforming Democracy
Transforming Democracy (August 1995)
Legislative Campaign Committees and Political Parties
Daniel M. Shea - Author

Examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees in the U. S., which are quickly becoming the dominant force in state politics, and explores their relationship with traditional party organizations.
This book examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees (LCCs) and their relationship with traditional political party organizations. Now found in 40 states, LCCs provide extensive campaign services ...(Read More)
The Elections in Israel 1992
The Elections in Israel 1992 (November 1994)
Asher Arian - Editor
Michal Shamir - Editor

“This collection will be the definitive work on the Israeli elections of 1992, and a major book on Israeli politics generally. Its contributors include an extensive variety of subjects, and the editors are the most sophisticated and knowledgeable persons in the field.” — Gerald M. Pomper, Rutgers University

As the momentum toward peace in the Middle East surges and wanes, the intensity of politics in Israel t...(Read More)
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