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The High Status Track
The High Status Track (April 1990)
Studies of Elite Schools and Stratification
Paul W. Kingston - Editor
Lionel S. Lewis - Editor

"Elite preparatory schools and elite colleges have been neglected in the sociological literature. The research contained in this book suggests that recruitment to elite positions operates differently from recruitment to middle-class positions. This is highly significant." -- C. Hurn, University of Massachusetts

The essays in this groundbreaking volume significantly advance our understanding of the process by which an elite school education ...(Read More)
Dropouts From Schools
Dropouts From Schools (November 1989)
Issues, Dilemmas, and Solutions
Lois Weis - Editor
Eleanor Farrar - Editor
Hugh G. Petrie - Editor

"An excellent and comprehensive discussion of the dropout problem. It raises issues in an insightful manner." -- Carl A. Grant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The authors examine the major groups within the dropout population, the myriad of factors within schools that lead to dropping out, and the larger social and economic context within which dropping out occurs. The resulting synthesis of knowledge and perspectives provided here will en...(Read More)
The Character of American Higher Education and Intercollegiate Sport
The Character of American Higher Education and Intercollegiate Sport (November 1989)
Donald Chu - Author

"This book focuses on a vitally important topic -- the educational integrity of intercollegiate athletics. Chu not only relates intercollegiate athletics to the historical development of higher education, but emphasizes the political forces that both motivated and, in a sense, spoiled this institution. The book is not written as dry report; rather, more as commentary from a factual basis." -- Philip Smith

Intercollegiate sport is too...(Read More)
Change and Effectiveness in Schools
Change and Effectiveness in Schools (August 1988)
A Cultural Perspective
Gretchen B. Rossman - Editor
Dick Corbett - Editor
William A. Firestone - Editor

The quest for more effective schools has perhaps never been more challenging than it is today. Here, the authors consider and investigate that challenge from the cultural perspective.

Rossman, Corbett, and Firestone examined three high schools in the midst of change. Teachers and administrators consented to grant the authors a year in each of their respective settings in order to understand better their unique system of norms, beliefs, and v...(Read More)
The Curriculum
The Curriculum (August 1988)
Problems, Politics, and Possibilities
Landon E. Beyer - Editor
Michael W. Apple - Editor

"In this time of a conservative anti-intellectual backlash, this volume is most significant. It is both important in itself and for the field. A good strong volume. Excellent work." -- Steven Selden

"I am very enthusiastic about this volume. The editors are two of the most insightful scholars in curriculum (and related areas) studies today. They are eminently qualified to write about the political and value dimensions of curriculu...(Read More)
Excellence and Equality
Excellence and Equality (July 1988)
A Qualitatively Different Perspective on Gifted and Talented Education
David M. Fetterman - Author

Fetterman focuses on what actually works in gifted and talented education programs. Complementing the psychological perspective on gifted and talented education, he adopts an anthropological point of view, using methods such as lengthy interviews with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and others involved in the school programs; daily observation; and group discussions to elicit the insider's perspective.

A ground-breaking work, Fe...(Read More)
Moral Education for a Secular Society
Moral Education for a Secular Society (July 1988)
The Development of Moral Laique in Nineteenth Century France
Phyllis Stock-Morton - Author

"The study is well thought out and researched, while at the same time it is beautifully styled and crafted." -- Jack L. Roth, Case Western Reserve University

"The topic concerns more than nineteenth century French history. It concerns the assumptions as secularity in contemporary Western culture. The topic is fundamental to any field of study that deals with values." -- Philip L. Smith, The Ohio State University

The current controversy...(Read More)
Educational Theory as Theory of Conduct
Educational Theory as Theory of Conduct (July 1987)
From Aristotle to Dewey
J. J. Chambliss - Author

Chambliss presents clearly the position that educational theory is a theory of conduct rather than an applied science. It is theory of conduct, not about conduct. He reveals the richness of this idea and examines the various ways it has been discussed in the works of Aristotle, Rousseau, Dewey, and others. He also demonstrates its timeliness for today's educators by presenting it as an antidote to the current widespread tendency of ...(Read More)
A User's Guide to Community Entry for the Severely Handicapped
A User's Guide to Community Entry for the Severely Handicapped (September 1985)
Ernest Pancsofar - Editor
Robert Blackwell - Editor

Once "warehoused" in institutions, many severely handicapped individuals are now living in community residences. Yet there are few resource materials available for those who face the difficult task of planning and operating these residences. A User's Guide to Community Entry for the Severely Handicapped offers practical guidance for creating the most home-like, least restrictive residential settings. Committed to the right of all individua...(Read More)
Schooling in Western Europe
Schooling in Western Europe (June 1985)
A Social History
Mary Jo Maynes - Author

Mary Jo Maynes looks to school reform in early modern Europe to show the relevance of early ideas about schooling for understanding contemporary society. She presents the competing perspectives on issues such as the identity and motivations of school reformers, the broad societal changes that made educational reform seem imperative toward the end of the eighteenth century all over the West, the connections between educational change and economic de...(Read More)
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