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The Other in Perception
The Other in Perception (November 2018)
A Phenomenological Account of Our Experience of Other Persons
Susan Bredlau - Author

Demonstrates the unique, pervasive, and overwhelmingly important role of other people within our lived experience.

Drawing on the original phenomenological work of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Edmund Husserl, Simone de Beauvoir, and John Russon, as well as recent research in child psychology, The Other in Perception argues for perception’s inherently existential significance: we a...(Read More)
Childhood beyond Pathology
Childhood beyond Pathology (September 2018)
A Psychoanalytic Study of Development and Diagnosis
Lisa Farley - Author

Brings psychoanalytic concepts to the notion of childhood development with a keen eye to discussions of social justice and human dignity.

Winner of the 2020 Outstanding Book Award, presented by Division B (Curriculum Studies) of the American Educational Research Association

Winner of the 2019 Critics’ Choice Book Award presented by the American Educational Studie...(Read More)
We're Not Robots
We're Not Robots (November 2006)
The Voices of Daycare Providers
Enid Elliot - Author
Janet Gonzalez-Mena - Foreword by

Raises provocative questions about how we care for infants and toddlers, and how to provide education and support for their caregivers.

This fascinating book presents the stories of infant/toddler caregivers and their work to illustrate the complexity of balancing relationships with babies, families, coworkers, and self, yet remaining emotionally present and mindfully engaged. Enid Elliot explores the inevitable te...(Read More)
The Well of Being
The Well of Being (July 2006)
Childhood, Subjectivity, and Education
David Kennedy - Author

Offers a sweeping review of conceptions of and approaches to childhood.

In this wide-ranging work, David Kennedy undertakes a philosophically grounded analysis of the history of childhood, the history of adulthood, and their interrelationship. Using themes and perspectives from the history of childhood, mythology, psychoanalysis, art, literature, philosophy, and education, the author locates the experience of child...(Read More)
Does the Village Still Raise the Child?
Does the Village Still Raise the Child? (September 2000)
A Collaborative Study of Changing Child-Rearing and Early Education in Kenya
Beth Blue Swadener - Author
Margaret Kabiru - With
Anne Njenga - With

Considers the impacts of rapid social, economic, and cultural change on child-rearing and early education in Kenya.

Examining the degree to which Kenyan children are still communally raised, this book presents findings from a national collaborative study considering the impacts of rapid social, economic, and cultural change on child-rearing and early education in Kenya. The narratives of over 460 parents, grandparents, preschool teache...(Read More)
Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy
Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy (March 2000)
The Developmental-Interaction Approach
Nancy Nager - Editor
Edna K. Shapiro - Editor

Reviews the history and philosophy of a classic approach to teaching, while emphasizing its continuing relevance for contemporary schooling.

Revisiting a Progressive Pedagogy
reviews the history of the developmental-interactive approach, a formulation rooted in developmental psychology and educational practice, progressively informing educational thinking since the early-twentieth century. This conceptualization is identified with--but...(Read More)
Critical Perspectives on Project Head Start
Critical Perspectives on Project Head Start (September 1998)
Revisioning the Hope and Challenge
Jeanne Ellsworth - Editor
Lynda J. Ames - Editor

Considers how Project Head Start, the federally funded preschool program, has operated (sometimes effectively and comfortably, sometimes not) with families, in communities, and with other institutions. An important look at the intersections of poverty, social programs, and education.
This book offers critical perspectives on the complex dynamics of politics, class, gender, power, race, and ethnicity in Project Head Start, past and present...(Read More)
Early Care and Education for Children in Poverty
Early Care and Education for Children in Poverty (March 1998)
Promises, Programs, and Long-Term Results
W. Steven Barnett - Editor
Sarane Spence Boocock - Editor

Establishes the power of early care and education to change children's lives, particularly children in poverty.

"I am impressed by several features of this book. First and foremost is the impeccable scholarship. Barnett and Boocock have brought together the work of a number of first-class scholars from a variety of disciplines who have thought deeply about the problem of educating disadvantaged young children." -- Barry...(Read More)
Risk and Our Pedagogical Relation to Children
Risk and Our Pedagogical Relation to Children (March 1998)
On the Playground and Beyond
Stephen J. Smith - Author

Shows that "risk" is a valuable and pedagogical experience for children on the playground (and for the adults that share that experience with them) in preparation for the precarious world which children find beyond the playground.

In this thoughtful book, Stephen Smith shows how parents and educators can become aware of the positive value of risk in children's lives and how they can be challenged to take risks that are worth their whi...(Read More)
Intergenerational Programs
Intergenerational Programs (January 1998)
Support for Children, Youth, and Elders in Japan
Matthew Kaplan - Author
Atsuko Kusano - Author
Ichiro Tsuji - Author
Shigeru Hisamichi - Author

Provides a rarely-seen portrait of intergenerational programs in Japan, including an overview of similar programs in the United States, of growing interest as our population ages.

The "intergenerational programming concept," now garnering increased interest in America, has been applied to Japanese society as a strategy for maintaining intergenerational and cultural continuity in the face of social and demographic change...(Read More)
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