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Urban Growth in Colonial Rhode Island
Urban Growth in Colonial Rhode Island (June 1984)
Newport and Providence in the Eighteenth Century
Lynne Withey - Author

By the early decades of the eighteenth century, Rhode Island had developed a commercial economy with not one, but two centers. Urban Growth in Colonial Rhode Island is the tale of these two cities: Newport, fifth largest city in the colonies, and the much smaller Providence. This absorbing history of two interdependent cities in a restricted region shows how they developed, competed with each other, and eventually traded places as major and ...(Read More)
The Emergence of Industrial America
The Emergence of Industrial America (June 1982)
Strategic Factors in American Economic Growth Since 1870
Peter George - Author

This book contains a series of interpretive essays on the most dramatic aspects of American economic growth during the last century--the sweeping technological and organizational changes in manufacturing and agriculture and their profound economic and social consequences. The overall focus is the maturing of the American economy from a classic market economy, based primarily on small units of production and private enterprise, through the growth of...(Read More)
The Investment Frontier
The Investment Frontier (June 1981)
New York Businessmen and the Economic Development of the Old Northwest
John Denis Haeger - Author

The American West did not grow in isolation from the East. On the contrary, New York financiers and other eastern entrepreneurs were crucial to America's western economic development, providing the necessary capital and expertise to transform the West into a productive part of the nation's economy.

This thesis is powerfully demonstrated by John Denis Haeger in this study concerning the "Old Northwest" (the present-day states of Ohio, Michiga...(Read More)
Profits from Power
Profits from Power (June 1979)
Readings in Protection Rent and Violence-Controlling Enterprises
Frederick C. Lane - Author

Of the many sources of power, these essays deal with only one: physical violence and the threat of violence exerted by some men over others. Thus Frederic C. Lane introduces his essays on profits and protection rent, or the cost of protecting economic activities from the disruption of violence. With the theme of protection rent, Lane analyzes both particular cases, such as the development of trade in the West Indies and the prosperity of sixteenth-c...(Read More)
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