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The Parable of the Tribes
The Parable of the Tribes (December 1994)
The Problem of Power in Social Evolution, Second Edition
Andrew Bard Schmookler - Author

This is a new view of the role of power in social evolution. It shows how, as human societies evolved, intersocietal conflicts necessarily developed, and how humanity can choose peace over war.
"Goes far beyond our common folk knowledge about power." -- New York Times Book Review
The Parable of the Tribes provides a new way of analyzing the human condition. This panoramic work, which incorporates history, philosophy, a...(Read More)
Ecotone (July 1994)
Wayfaring on the Margins
Florence R. Shepard - Author

Ecotone: Wayfaring on the Margins, a personal history of place, is written from the perspective of a teacher, naturalist, and feminist and uses the metaphor of the biological ecotone as the boundary where inner and outer landscapes of the woman/nature continuum meet.

In this book, Krall proposes a counter-narrative to the usual reading of marginality. In autobiographical narrative that rings with experience, she describes margins as r...(Read More)
Ecological Prospects
Ecological Prospects (November 1993)
Scientific, Religious, and Aesthetic Perspectives
Christopher Key Chapple - Editor

"This book addresses ecological problems from different disciplinary perspectives in ways that general readers can easily understand. Several of the essays concisely summarize the major players and points of view on particular issues while presenting new points that contribute to the ongoing discussion about what needs to be done and how." -- Daniel Kealey, Towson State University

"What I like most about this book is its varied approaches to...(Read More)
Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing
Dwelling, Seeing, and Designing (February 1993)
Toward a Phenomenological Ecology
David Seamon - Editor

"The rifts Seamon seeks to heal in this anthology are not only between disciplines or between knowledge and action or designing and building. They are, most fundamentally, the rifts between us and all that we see as not us. Without the greater empathy and care in designing, planning, and understanding environments that these essays illustrate, there can be little hope of change or of survival." -- Karen A. Franck, New Jersey Institute of Technology...(Read More)
Estuarine Research in the 1980s
Estuarine Research in the 1980s (July 1992)
The Hudson River Environmental Society Seventh Symposium on Hudson River Ecology
C. Lavett Smith - Editor

The Hudson River estuary is one of the most intensively studied estuaries in the world. Many environmental and civic groups have struggled with the conflict in the Hudson River area between the desire for a quality environment and the ever increasing demands of an expanding human population for drinking water, electric power, efficient transportation, and waste disposal.

Estuarine Research in the 1980s provides a synoptic overview of ...(Read More)
The Great South Bay
The Great South Bay (September 1991)
J. R. Schubel - Editor
T. M. Bell - Editor
H. H. Carter - Editor

In its heyday, the Great South Bay provided a bounty of hard clams for the nation's table, income for a crusty crew of baymen, and recreation to countless New York City visitors escaping hot summer days in the city. What does the Bay offer today, after years of taking resources from the area and dumping back unwanted materials and wastes?

The authors of The Great South Bay examine the geological origins and evolution of this important...(Read More)
Common Flowering Plants of the Northeast
Common Flowering Plants of the Northeast (June 1985)
Donald D. Cox - Author

From woodlands to wetlands and from roadsides to sandy beaches, Common Flowering Plants of the Northeast is a ready reference tool for identifying plants in their native habitat. It is a habitat-oriented guide to common flowering plants in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. Donald D. Cox skillfully integrates ecological and taxonomic information, impressing upon the user the often intimate relationship between the organism an...(Read More)
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