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In Teachers' Hands
In Teachers' Hands (July 1992)
Investigating the Practices of Classroom Assessment
Richard J. Stiggins - Author
Nancy Faires Conklin - Author

This book marks the starting point of a profound shift in assessment priorities, detailing the results of a decade-long program of research on classroom assessment environments. It demonstrates how important sound classroom assessments are to student well-being, and provides insights into the complex demands of day-to-day classroom assessment on teachers who have been taught little about assessment in their training programs.

As a nation, we...(Read More)
The Economics of American Universities
The Economics of American Universities (June 1990)
Management, Operations, and Fiscal Environment
Stephen A. Hoenack - Editor
Eileen L. Collins - Editor

This book discusses the adjustment of universities to the changing financial environment. Its authors analyze the relationship between higher education inputs and outputs, assess the available information about the determinants of university costs, survey the influence of market conditions and pricing strategies on students' demands for attendance at institutions of higher education, summarize research on the objectives for institutions of higher e...(Read More)
The Organization and Planning of Adult Education
The Organization and Planning of Adult Education (September 1988)
Theodore J. Kowalski - Author

"This book addresses important issues in program planning within the context of organizational theory and practice, something never attempted previously, in an extended fashion, in the field of adult education. I think Kowalski's treatment of the issues surpasses anything that has hitherto been published." -- Leon McKenzie

The heightened interest in and the rapid expansion of adult education has become a trend in a variety of environ...(Read More)
Women Educators
Women Educators (July 1987)
Employees of Schools in Western World Countries
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor

In all western countries, women have made lasting and significant contributions to the educational enterprise. Despite this, most books on schools overlook and ignore these contributions. The twelve chapters in this groundbreaking volume demonstrate that gender structuring in the schools is an international phenomenon.

The first volume to focus cross-culturally on women educational professionals, this book brings together the voices and obs...(Read More)
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