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My Double Life
My Double Life (February 1999)
The Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt
Sarah Bernhardt - Author
Victoria Tietze Larson - Translator

A translation of Ma Double Vie, the autobiography of the French actress Sarah Bernhardt, who was one of the classical theater's all-time greatest stars.

"Bernhardt was one of the leading international actresses of her day. This memoir is particularly interesting not only because of the light it sheds on theater, but also because of what it tells us about the role of an artist in a particularly troubled period of ...(Read More)
Tragedy and Comedy
Tragedy and Comedy (November 1997)
A Systematic Study and a Critique of Hegel
Mark William Roche - Author

The first evaluation and critique of Hegel's theory of tragedy and comedy, this book also develops an original theory of both genres.

In the first evaluation and critique of Hegel's theory of tragedy and comedy in any language, Mark William Roche points out the strengths and weaknesses of Hegel's positions while developing an original theory of both genres. Along with its theoretical discussions, the book weaves together...(Read More)
Gods of Play
Gods of Play (August 1994)
Baroque Festive Performances as Rhetorical Discourse
Kristiaan Aercke - Author

"While most scholars who have worked on the relationship of art and power in the Renaissance and Baroque ages have limited their focus to one national tradition, or at best to England, France, and Italy, Aercke brings the baroque spectacle performance to life as a truly pan-European phenomenon, as interesting for its common characteristics as for its particular formulation in particular courtly settings. The depth and breadth of his research are mo...(Read More)
The Little Clay Cart
The Little Clay Cart (January 1994)
An English Translation of the Mrcchakatika of Sudraka as adapted for the stage by A.L. Basham
Arvind Sharma - Editor

"This is one of the best Sanskrit plays and it is known very widely. Basham's excellent adaptation makes the play more accessible in English than any previous rendering I know. It takes the Sanskrit play closer to where an English speaking person can empathize with its characters and present it on the stage. The Sanskrit original has a great deal of variation of diction among its different characters according to their high and low status, and wheth...(Read More)
Drama in the People's Republic of China
Drama in the People's Republic of China (July 1987)
Constantine Tung - Editor
Colin Mackerras - Editor

This is the first book ever published in the West on drama in the People's Republic of China. The plays, playwrights, theories, and performances range from the play that inflamed the Cultural Revolution to a post-Mao satiric drama that upset party leaders; from Jiang Qing's drama theory for her model plays to the discovery of Bertolt Brecht; from the problems and dilemmas that confront theater reform in the post-Mao era to the performance of Ibsen's...(Read More)
New Jewish Voices
New Jewish Voices (June 1985)
Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre
Edward M. Cohen - Editor

New Jewish Voices presents the first anthology of modern Jewish-American drama. These highly acclaimed plays, previously produced by New York City's nationally-renowned Jewish Repertory Theatre, offer an enjoyable and eye-opening introduction to the unique and modern voice of five young writers. The insights and visions of these playwrights will help redefine Jewish theater. While offering college students and amateur dramatic groups excit...(Read More)
Georg Buchner and the Birth of the Modern Drama
Georg Buchner and the Birth of the Modern Drama (June 1977)
David G. Richards - Author

Meaning in Comedy
Meaning in Comedy (June 1975)
Studies in Elizabethan Romantic Comedy
John S. Weld - Author

The festive Elizabethan comedies constitute a unique and dazzling drama, yet they have seldom been studied as a genre, and, except for Shakespeare's plays, they are seldom interpreted. Although successive audiences have found these works delightful, critics at times regard them as rather trivial.

Professor Weld's book, which is based upon a challenging new view of sixteenth-century dramaturgy, results in a new understanding of the plays, and ...(Read More)
The Medieval Drama
The Medieval Drama (June 1972)
Sandro Sticca - Author

The religious medieval drama, like the Church which produced it, was international. As such, from its earliest beginnings in the tenth-century Quem quaeritis to the thirteenth-century Ludi Paschales and Passion Plays, it exhibits a cultural and thematic unity binding the various plays: a thematic unity from the fabric of Christian thought, and a cultural unity from the fact that these productions, at least up to the end of the thirteen...(Read More)
The Latin Passion Play
The Latin Passion Play (June 1970)
Its Origins and Development
Sandro Sticca - Author

In this first comprehensive study of the Latin Passion play, Professor Sticca examines the medieval liturgical ceremonies commemorating the events in Christ’s Passion and traces their gradual change in character from the contemplative to the dramatic.

The author shows that while Christ’s Passion became increasingly popular as one of the sacred mysteries beginning in the tenth century, new forces that allowed a ...(Read More)
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