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Humans, Animals, Machines
Humans, Animals, Machines (September 2008)
Blurring Boundaries
Glen A. Mazis - Author

Examines the overlap and blurring of boundaries among humans, animals, and machines.

In the twenty-first century, the boundaries between both humans and machines and humans and animals are hotly contested and debated. In Humans, Animals, Machines, Glen A. Mazis examines the increasingly blurring boundaries among the three and argues that despite their violating collisions, there are ways for the three ...(Read More)

Reinhabiting Reality
Reinhabiting Reality (February 2005)
Towards a Recovery of Culture
Freya Mathews - Author

Argues that the environmental crisis is symptomatic of much deeper crises in modern civilization.

In this sequel to For Love of Matter: A Contemporary Panpsychism, also published by SUNY Press, Freya Mathews argues that replacing the materialist premise of modern civilization with a panpsychist one transforms the entire fabric of culture in profound ways. She claims that the environmental crisis is a symptom of...(Read More)
Primitives in the Wilderness
Primitives in the Wilderness (July 1997)
Deep Ecology and the Missing Human Subject
Peter C. van Wyck - Author

Brings the radical environmentalism known as deep ecology into an encounter with contemporary social and cultural theory, showing that deep ecology still has much to learn from such theory.

In Primitives in the Wilderness, Peter van Wyck brings the radical environmentalism known as deep ecology into an encounter with contemporary social and cultural theory. With an eye to critically exposing unexamined essential...(Read More)
The Practice of Technology
The Practice of Technology (October 1995)
Exploring Technology, Ecophilosophy, and Spiritual Disciplines for Vital Links
Alan Drengson - Author

Asks why current practices of technology negatively impact humans and the earth and how we can gain a holistic understanding so technology practices can be changed to support the environment.

"This is the first comprehensive treatment I have read that addresses the connections between technology, ecologically-centered philosophy, and the wisdom of spiritual disciplines. This broader treatment of technology is much neede...(Read More)
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