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Cultural Democracy
Cultural Democracy (May 1997)
Politics, Media, New Technology
David Trend - Author

Follows the work of a range of public intellectuals like Aronowitz, Giroux, hooks, Mouffe, and West, and argues for a 'radical democracy' capable of subverting traditional divisions of 'left' and'right.'

Following the work of a range of public intellectuals like Stanley Aronowitz, Henry Giroux, bell hooks, Chantal Mouffe, and Cornel West, Cultural Democracy argues for a "radical democracy" capable of subverting ...(Read More)
Out of Place
Out of Place (May 1997)
Homeless Mobilizations, Subcities, and Contested Landscapes
Talmadge Wright - Author

1998 Distinguished Scholarship Award of the Section on Marxist Sociology of the American Sociological Association
Discusses the impact of inner city redevelopment programs and policies on the homeless and shows the methods used (civil protests, squatting, and legal advocacy) by the homeless to organize a tactical resistance to restructuring efforts. Presents case studies of two different types of homeless organized resistance groups in...(Read More)
Interpreting Amida
Interpreting Amida (April 1997)
History and Orientalism in the Study of Pure Land Buddhism
Galen Amstutz - Author

Amstutz clearly demonstrates how the sources of Western and Eastern misunderstanding of Pure Land Buddhism have been engendered, both consciously and unconsciously, by orientalist assumptions current in scholarly understanding of the history and practice of Pure Land Buddhism. Before academic studies in Pure Land Buddhism can advance much further, all of us in the field must confront the issues of orientalist assumptions and biaseslurking in our sch...(Read More)
The Films of Jean-Luc Godard
The Films of Jean-Luc Godard (March 1997)
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

A generously illustrated overview of, and introduction to, the entirety of Godard's work as a filmmaker and video artist.

"Dixon has written an excellent book, thoroughly researched and documented and distinguished by insightful commentary and wonderful bagatelles. By performing an anatomy on the corpus of Godardian cinema, Dixon discovers not only that Godard has pronounced the death of cinema in his own films but also...(Read More)
PostNegritude Visual and Literary Culture
PostNegritude Visual and Literary Culture (March 1997)
Mark A. Reid - Author

Shows how film, literature, photography, and television news broadcasts construct myths about race, gender, sexuality, and nation and reinforce socialized ways of looking at these identities, and examines how some creative works and public reactions challenge these myths.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the civil rights movement and other national and cultural movements fractured dominant paradigms of American identity and dema...(Read More)
The Folk Performing Arts
The Folk Performing Arts (March 1997)
Traditional Culture in Contemporary Japan
Barbara E. Thornbury - Author

CHOICE 1997 Outstanding Academic Book

Addresses issues concerning the survival and preservation of traditional culture by examining Japan's folk performing arts and the public policies that affect them.

This is the first full-length study in English of Japan's folk performing arts covering such topics as the different categories of presentations, public policies affecting the folk performing...(Read More)
Crisis and Transformation
Crisis and Transformation (February 1997)
The Kibbutz at Century's End
Eliezer Ben-Rafael - Author

Examines kibbutz life following the Israeli economic crisis of 1985, focusing on the kibbutz's dramatic transformation from a well-defined social structure to a collective identified principally by its cultural preoccupations.
This book examines kibbutz life following the Israeli economic crisis of 1985, focusing on the kibbutz's dramatic transformation from a well-defined social structure to a collective identified principally by its cul...(Read More)
Giovanni Rutini
Giovanni Rutini (January 1997)
Father of Classic Sonata Procedures
Carlo Lombardi - Author

Explores how Rutini’s experimental work in sonata-allegra formal procedures played a significant role in the history of music.

For the author, a spring evening in Napoli spent playing the piano among friends led to the critical insight that “twentieth-century generations had not only been misguided, but musically misled.” The sonatas of composer Giovanni Rutini played that nigh...(Read More)
Bodily Discursions
Bodily Discursions (December 1996)
Genders, Representations, Technologies
Deborah S. Wilson - Editor
Christine Moneera Laennec - Editor

This collection of feminist essays from a variety of disciplines explores the idea of the body as a site for the production of political ideologies.
Bodily Discursions offers a multiplicity of feminist perspectives on the body, especially the female body, from a variety of disciplines: literary history, social theory, art history, cultural studies, the history of rhetoric, film, and literary criticism among others. Subjects range ...(Read More)
Essays on the Nature of Art
Essays on the Nature of Art (November 1996)
Eliot Deutsch - Author

Presents a theory of art which is at once universal in its general conception and historically-grounded in its attention to aesthetic practices in diverse cultures. Argues that art, especially today, enjoys a special kind of autonomy but that it has, nevertheless, important social and political responsibilities.
"Deutsch addresses one of philosophy's enduring questions. He offers a way of understanding how art can be understood both as ha...(Read More)
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