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Masocriticism (December 1998)
Paul Mann - Author

Provocative, inventive, and at times outrageous essays on literary theory, philosophy, and cultural criticism.

These provocative, inventive, and at times outrageous essays on literary theory, philosophy, and cultural criticism describe, in their form and content, the end of criticism, even while performing the endlessness of that endgame. In a sense, the book deconstructs all forms of critique and criticism, including d...(Read More)
The Sounds of Feminist Theory
The Sounds of Feminist Theory (December 1998)
Ruth Salvaggio - Author

Reads a wide range of contemporary feminist theorists to show how they invest in sound as a medium of critical thought.

In The Sounds of Feminist Theory, Ruth Salvaggio follows a distinctive turn toward the oral and evocative qualities of language in feminist theory. Questioning paradigms of female voice and varied feminist claims to language, she suggests that feminist theorists listen to the ways in which words...(Read More)
Solidarity and Difference
Solidarity and Difference (October 1998)
The Politics of Enlightenment in the Aftermath of Modernity
George Trey - Author

Transcends the dichotomy between modernism and postmodernism by arguing for an ethically based notion of solidarity tolerant of radical difference.

"The issues with which the author is concerned are subtle, complex, and intricate, the texts with which he deals are themselves notoriously difficult and often intentionally obscure, and many of the recent books in this area of philosophy/social theory do little to clarify the original text...(Read More)
Fleeing the Universal
Fleeing the Universal (April 1998)
The Critique of Post-Rational Criticism
Carl Rapp - Author

Rapp mounts a devastating critique against the notion that literary and cultural theory since the 1960s has succeeded in effecting, or at least reporting, both the demise of philosophy and the emergence of a genuinely post-philosophical culture.

Fleeing the Universal takes issue with the popular view that contemporary literary and cultural theory has brilliantly effected, or at least brilliantly reported, the dem...(Read More)
Specters of Liberation
Specters of Liberation (April 1998)
Great Refusals in the New World Order
Martin J. Beck Matustik - Author

Advocates a new existential and political coalition among critical and postmodern social theorists and among critical gender, race, and class theorists, in dissent from the New World Order, to raise specters of liberation and empower radical democratic change.

Specters of Liberation argues that dissent against the New World Order is possible through a collaboration of critical postmodern social theory and existen...(Read More)
The Actuality of Adorno
The Actuality of Adorno (April 1997)
Critical Essays on Adorno and the Postmodern
Max Pensky - Editor

Brings together some of the most prominent and influential contemporary interpreters of Adorno's work in a wide-ranging collection of essays that explores Adorno's relation to themes and problems in postmodern thought.
Always resistant to classification, the work of Theodor Adorno ranged from biting criticism of the emergent popular culture in the United States and Europe, through theories of contemporary music and literature, and sociolo...(Read More)
Un/Popular Culture
Un/Popular Culture (March 1997)
Lesbian Writing After the Sex Wars
Kathleen Martindale - Author

Offers a lucidly written analysis of the complex and provocative terrain of lesbian literary and cultural theory.

"Un/Popular Culture presents lesbian writing and theory in its form as art practice and art activism. This means that academic texts don't occupy the center of the stage, though they are resources and occasions for lesbian writing; rather several mixed genres in experimental movement are centered, repr...(Read More)
Adorno and
Adorno and "A Writing of the Ruins" (February 1997)
Essays on Modern Aesthetics and Anglo-American Literature and Culture
James Martin Harding - Author

Extends critical discussion of Adorno to works by Samuel Beckett, T.S. Eliot, Ralph Ellison, and Amiri Baraka, arguing that Adorno's work can best be assessed in terms of its relevance in specific localized contexts.

Arguing that postmodernism has so shifted current critical paradigms that Adorno's work can best be assessed in terms of its relevance in specific localized contexts, this book pursues a course that preserves Adorno's oppo...(Read More)
Cross-Addressing (July 1996)
Resistance Literature and Cultural Borders
John C. Hawley - Editor

Using a "cultural studies" approach to the question of what constitutes literary study at the end of the twentieth century, the contributors address identity politics in specific cultural instances.

The sixteen original essays by scholars from around the world examine concerns common to writers who experience marginalization based upon their inescapable identification with two or more cultures. From Australian aboriginal and Maori, to ...(Read More)
Lacan and Literature
Lacan and Literature (July 1996)
Purloined Pretexts
Ben Stoltzfus - Author

Winner of the 1997 Gradiva Award for Best Book (Cultural Arts Related) awarded by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP)

This book of literary criticsm uses Lacanian psychoanalytic theory to explicate Roland Barthes, Albert Camus, Ernest Hemingway, D.H. Lawrence, and Alain Robbe-Grillet.

Using Lacanian psychoanalytic theory in order to uncover the rela...(Read More)

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