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Crimes by the Capitalist State
Crimes by the Capitalist State (July 1991)
An Introduction to State Criminality
Gregg Barak - Editor

Crimes by the Capitalist State systematically examines a broad spectrum of state criminality including state terrorism, torture and murder, drug smuggling and arms trafficking, espionage and surveillance, and violations of internationally established human rights. While exploring crimes by the state from both a national and international perspective, this book also reflects the latest scholarship in comparative political and social science, ...(Read More)
Determinate Sentencing
Determinate Sentencing (July 1991)
The Promise and the Reality of Retributive Justice
Pamala L. Griset - Author

This book discusses in depth the rise and fall of the determinate ideal, once heralded as a replacement to the old order of criminal justice. Using new materials and combining political, empirical, and theoretical perspectives, Griset examines the attempt in New York State to establish determinate sentencing -- "punishment for its own sake" -- to replace the existing policy of rehabilitation. In portraying New York's experience against the backdr...(Read More)
Women at the Wall
Women at the Wall (May 1990)
A Study of Prisoners' Wives Doing Time on the Outside
Laura T. Fishman - Author

Women at the Wall is the first ethnographic study of how the arrest, trial, imprisonment, and release of male criminals affects their families, particularly their wives. It relies on first-person accounts by prisoners' wives, providing details about the changing texture of their marital relationships and the accompanying stigmatization.

From this book we learn about the effects of enforced spousal separation, and the control husbands ...(Read More)
Measuring Crime
Measuring Crime (August 1989)
Large-Scale, Long-Range Efforts
Doris L. MacKenzie - Editor
Phyllis Jo Baunach - Editor
Roy R. Roberg - Editor

The authors systematically explore and integrate available knowledge about the essential large data bases in criminological research. The book critically examines the way crime is measured, and the future of statistical methods in the National Crime Survey and the Uniform Crime Reports (FBI). A distinguished group of contributors discusses theoretical issues of crime measurement, analyzes the National Crime Survey (NCS), examines surveys and censu...(Read More)
Theoretical Integration in the Study of Deviance and Crime
Theoretical Integration in the Study of Deviance and Crime (July 1989)
Problems and Prospects
Steven F. Messner - Editor
Marvin D. Krohn - Editor
Allen E. Liska - Editor

"This text represents the first bona fide attempt to advance criminological theory." -- Colin Goff, Dept. of Sociology, University of Brunswick

How to best generate theoretical growth in the contemporary study of deviance and crime has been the source of much debate. This book represents a diverse range of viewpoints concerned about theoretical integration and its benefits.

The chapters encompass both discussion of the requisites for ...(Read More)
Expert Witnesses
Expert Witnesses (July 1987)
Criminologists in the Courtroom
Patrick R. Anderson - Editor
L. Thomas Winfree Jr. - Editor

For the first time a book documents the judicial system's new dependence on social science testimony, especially that rendered by sociologists and criminologists. In Expert Witnesses contributors show that unlike traditional forensics testimony, the intrusion of social science data into judicial decision-making has relatively recent origins. It details the uses and abuses of social science experts, and the ethical and pragmatic concerns rai...(Read More)
Prediction in Criminology
Prediction in Criminology (September 1985)
David P. Farrington - Editor
Roger Tarling - Editor

Prediction in Criminology is the first book to bring together a wide variety of articles on prediction research in criminology. It stresses not only substantive findings but also the methodology of prediction research, and demonstrates how similar issues arise in many applications: problems of research design, the choice of predictor and criterion variables, methods of selecting and combining variables into a prediction instrument, measures...(Read More)
Crime Control in Britain
Crime Control in Britain (June 1984)
A Review of Policy Research
Ronald V. Clarke - Editor
Derek B. Cornish - Editor

Crime Control in Britain presents the results of the major criminological research carried out over the last 25 years by the Home Office Research Unit, a multidisciplinary body of social scientists located in the central governmental department of Great Britain. Its contents consist of journal articles, extracts from monographs, and original papers, presented in the form of a reader which places the research in the proper historical...(Read More)
The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders
The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders (June 1984)
Brent Fisse - Author
John Braithwaite - Author

Uncertainty surrounds the use of publicity as a means of controlling corporate crime. On the one hand, some agree with Justice Brandeis's dictum that light is "the best of disinfectants...the most efficient policeman." On the other hand, many believe that corporations' internal affairs are effectively shrouded with a thick fog that prevents the light of public scrutiny from reaching them.

The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders...(Read More)
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