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Mothering from the Inside
Mothering from the Inside (October 2000)
Parenting in a Women's Prison
Sandra Enos - Author

Explores how women in prison manage to mother their children from behind bars.

The majority of female inmates are also mothers of children under the age of eighteen. These women don't stop being mothers when they receive a prison sentence, but in fact try a variety of means to maintain motherhood and mothering while away from their children. Based on research conducted in a women's prison, Mothering from the Inside ...(Read More)
African American Criminological Thought
African American Criminological Thought (October 2000)
Helen Taylor Greene - Author
Shaun L. Gabbidon - Author
Julius Debro - Foreword by

Examines African American contributions, both historical and contemporary, to criminological thought.

This landmark book presents the contributions of African Americans past and present to understanding crime, criminological theory, and the administration of justice. The authors devote individual chapters to African American pioneers Ida B. Wells-Barnett, W. E. B. Du Bois, E. Franklin Frazier, and Monroe N. Work, and con...(Read More)
Abby Hopper Gibbons
Abby Hopper Gibbons (March 2000)
Prison Reformer and Social Activist
Margaret Hope Bacon - Author

The first contemporary biography of Abby Hopper Gibbons, a nineteenth-century American social activist. Involved in a broad range of reform activities, she is particularly known for her pioneering efforts to improve the treatment of women prisoners.

This first contemporary biography of nineteenth-century American social activist and prison reformer Abigail Hopper Gibbons (1801-1893) illuminates women's changing role in the various refo...(Read More)
Confronting the Drug Control Establishment
Confronting the Drug Control Establishment (November 1999)
Alfred Lindesmith as a Public Intellectual
David Patrick Keys - Author
John F. Galliher - Author

Examines the career of sociologist Alfred R. Lindesmith, who argued against drug prohibitions from the 1930s onward, warning of the threat to democracy and advocating more humane drug control laws.

Confronting the Drug Control Establishment is a biography of Alfred R. Lindesmith and an intellectual history of his times. A sociologist at Indiana University, Lindesmith believed legal prohibition of addictive drugs was futile ...(Read More)
Constitutive Criminology at Work
Constitutive Criminology at Work (August 1999)
Applications to Crime and Justice
Stuart Henry - Editor
Dragan Milovanovic - Editor

Provides the first applications of constitutive criminology, a theoretical framework inspired by postmodernism, to specific areas of criminological practice.

Constitutive Criminology at Work reveals the value of applying postmodernist-informed constitutive criminology to issues of crime and justice. A holistic, integrated criminological theory, constitutive criminology takes serious account of the interrelated contributions of h...(Read More)
When Push Comes to Shove
When Push Comes to Shove (November 1998)
A Routine Conflict Approach to Violence
Leslie W. Kennedy - Author
David R. Forde - Author

Provides a comprehensive look at violence as rooted in routine conflict in daily social interactions.

When Push Comes to Shove examines the ways in which people define and respond to confrontations and interpersonal dilemmas in their lives. It includes insights from constructionist, interactionist, and criminal event perspectives to present the situational factors that contribute to conflict. The recent revelatio...(Read More)
Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel
Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel (March 1998)
Assessing the Knowledge Base toward the Twenty-First Century
Robert R. Friedmann - Editor

Offers insights into the criminal justice system and the field of criminology in Israel.

Assessing the Israeli criminal justice knowledge base with implications for Israel and international scholarship, this book explores crime, legislation, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and the victim. The book discusses the development of criminal justice and criminology in a new society, adding to the understanding of crime an...(Read More)
Citizen Perspectives on Community Policing
Citizen Perspectives on Community Policing (February 1998)
A Case Study in Athens, Georgia
Brian N. Williams - Author

Examines the perspectives of inner-city residents in Athens, Georgia on policing, community policing, and the co-production of law enforcement.

Assessing citizen satisfaction with local governmental services and their delivery and distribution is essential in evaluating, restructuring, and implementing effective governmental policies. Citizen evaluations provide public officials with important clues about the perceived p...(Read More)
In the Mix
In the Mix (January 1998)
Struggle and Survival in a Women's Prison
Barbara Owen - Author

Describes life inside the world's largest women's prison, from the point of view of the women themselves.

"This examination of current life and culture in a women's prison is timely given the dramatic increase in the number of women incarcerated in the U.S. over the past decade and significant in that it illuminates the many differences between the ways in which men and women 'do time.'" -- Tracy Huling, Criminal Justice...(Read More)
Social Worlds of Sentencing
Social Worlds of Sentencing (July 1997)
Court Communities Under Sentencing Guidelines
Jeffery T. Ulmer - Author

Combines quantitative and qualitative data in a careful investigation of sentencing processes and context under Pennsylvania's sentencing guidelines.

Many states and the federal system have embraced sentencing guidelines as a mechanism of sentencing reform. This book draws from interactionist theories of organizations, and James Eisenstein's depiction of courts as communities, to frame an investigation of sentencing disparity, case pro...(Read More)
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