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Race in the Jury Box
Race in the Jury Box (August 2003)
Affirmative Action in Jury Selection
Hiroshi Fukurai - Author
Richard Krooth - Author

Discusses race-conscious jury selection and highlights strategies for achieving racially mixed juries.

Race in the Jury Box
focuses on the racially unrepresentative jury as one of the remaining barriers to racial equality and a recurring source of controversy in American life. Because members of minority groups remain underrepresented on juries, various communities have tried race-conscious jury selection, termed &qu...(Read More)
The Contexts of Juvenile Justice Decision Making
The Contexts of Juvenile Justice Decision Making (August 2003)
When Race Matters
Michael J. Leiber - Author

Explores the contexts of judges' decision making in juvenile courts that incarcerate disproportionately more minorities than whites.

An in-depth examination of the contextual nature of decision making and the causes of disproportionate minority confinement in four relatively homogenous juvenile courts in Iowa, this book explores the subjective social psychological processes of juvenile court officers and the factors that...(Read More)
Organizational Structure in American Police Agencies
Organizational Structure in American Police Agencies (January 2003)
Context, Complexity, and Control
Edward R. Maguire - Author

A new theory accounts for the characteristics of individual police departments.

Although most large police organizations perform the same tasks, there is tremendous variation in how individual organizations are structured. To account for this variation, author Edward R. Maguire develops a new theory that attributes the formal structures of large municipal police agencies to the contexts in which the...(Read More)
Punishing the Mentally Ill
Punishing the Mentally Ill (July 2002)
A Critical Analysis of Law and Psychiatry
Bruce A. Arrigo - Author
George B. Palermo - Foreword by
Michael L. Perlin - Preface

A provocative exploration of a wide range of controversies in mental health law, this book argues that the criminal justice system punishes citizens for being mentally ill.

A powerful, sophisticated, and original critique on how the disciplines of law and psychiatry behave and on how the mental health and justice systems operate, Punishing the Mentally Ill reveals where, how, and why the identity and humanity o...(Read More)
Convicted Survivors
Convicted Survivors (April 2002)
The Imprisonment of Battered Women Who Kill
Elizabeth Dermody Leonard - Author

Explores the experiences of women imprisoned for killing their male abusers and their treatment by the criminal justice system.

 When a woman survives a deadly assault by her male abuser by using lethal self-defense, she often faces a punitive criminal justice system—one that largely failed to respond to her earlier calls for help. In this book, Elizabeth Dermody Leonard examines the lives and experiences of more than fo...(Read More)
Law, Psychology, and Justice
Law, Psychology, and Justice (November 2001)
Chaos Theory and the New (Dis)order
Christopher R. Williams - Author
Bruce A. Arrigo - Author

A provocative critique of the relationship between the legal system and psychology that uses chaos theory to offer a more humane alternative.

Law, Psychology, and Justice
charts a new and provocative direction in the area of mental health and justice studies. Relying on the science of chaos theory, the authors provide a series of compelling, clear, and concise arguments for why many of our current forensic psychology p...(Read More)
Color of Rape
Color of Rape (October 2001)
Gender and Race in Television's Public Spheres
Sujata Moorti - Author

Honorable Mention--2003 Myers Outstanding Book Award presented by The Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights in North America

Analyzes the depiction of rape on television network news, daytime shows, prime time programming, and alternative programming.

Through an analysis of television images of rape, this book makes important contributions to theories of the public...(Read More)
The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice
The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice (February 2001)
Michael L. Hadley - Editor

Explores the concept of Restorative Justice in diverse spiritual traditions.

This interdisciplinary study explores what major spiritual traditions say in text, tradition, and current practice about criminal justice in general and Restorative Justice in particular. It reflects the close collaboration of scholars and professionals engaged in multifaith reflection on the theory and practice of criminal law. A variety of tra...(Read More)
Making It in the Free World
Making It in the Free World (February 2001)
Women in Transition from Prison
Patricia O'Brien - Author

Explores how women inmates make the transition from prison back into society.

This is the first study to address the important but neglected topic of how women return to the "free world" after single or multiple experiences of incarceration. It uses first-person narratives and a comprehensive review of contemporary theory to provide useful suggestions for practitioners and policymakers concerned with responding to the ...(Read More)
Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice
Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice (November 2000)
Richard Quinney - Author

Eminent criminologist Richard Quinney offers his 40-year journey bearing witness to crime and social justice in writings both scholarly and autobiographical.

Featuring both scholarly and autobiographical writings, Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice follows Richard Quinney's development as a criminologist. Quinney's criminology is a critical criminology which he describes as a journey of witnessing to crime and social j...(Read More)
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