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Psychological Classification of the Adult Male Prison Inmate
Psychological Classification of the Adult Male Prison Inmate (August 1994)
Patricia Van Voorhis - Author

This book describes and examines five psychological systems for classifying adult male prison inmates: 1) Warren's I-level; 2) Megargee's MMPI-Based Criminal Classification System; 3) Hunt's Conceptual Level; 4) Quay's Adult Internal Management System; and 5) the Jesness Inventory Classification System. It also presents psychometric data on the reliability and validity of each system and illustrates different adjustment patterns of prison inmates....(Read More)
Juvenile Correctional Reform
Juvenile Correctional Reform (July 1988)
Two Decades of Policy and Procedural Change
Edmund F. McGarrell - Author

This book addresses the divergent reform agendas that have shaped American juvenile justice systems during the last two decades. Testing and extending the theory of social reform developed by Ohlin, et al. in their study of Massachusetts' juvenile justice reform, McGarrell investigates the process of change in New York State's juvenile corrections system because this state was a forerunner of both liberal and conservative national reform trends. H...(Read More)
Campaigns Against Corporal Punishment
Campaigns Against Corporal Punishment (June 1984)
Prisoners, Sailors, Women, and Children in Antebellum America
Myra C. Glenn - Author

Campaigns against Corporal Punishment explores the theory and practice of punishment in Antebellum America from a broad, comparative perspective. It probes the concerns underlying the naval, prison, domestic, and educational reform campaigns which occurred in New England and New York from the late 1820s to the late 1850s. Focusing on the common forms of physical punishment inflicted on seamen, prisoners, women, and children, the book reveal...(Read More)
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