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Congress and Diaspora Politics
Congress and Diaspora Politics (September 2018)
The Influence of Ethnic and Foreign Lobbying
James A. Thurber - Editor
Colton C. Campbell - Editor
David A. Dulio - Editor

Innovative Congressional Minimum Standards Preemption Statutes
Innovative Congressional Minimum Standards Preemption Statutes (March 2016)
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines a new type of federal preemption statute popular since 1965 that allows states to retain a certain amount of regulatory discretion, with a focus on environmental statutes.

Congress possesses broad regulatory powers, including the power of complete or partial preemption of state and local regulatory powers. Congress rarely enacted preemption statutes before the twentieth century, but since the 1960s suc...(Read More)
The Phantom of a Polarized America
The Phantom of a Polarized America (February 2016)
Myths and Truths of an Ideological Divide
Manabu Saeki - Author

Indicates how the rightward shift in the ideology of House Republicans has been mistaken for a broader “polarization” of both parties as well as voters.
There is a widespread belief that American politics is becoming more polarized, in the sense that the Republican Party and electorate are becoming more conservative while the Democratic Party and electorate are becoming more liberal. But is this truly the ca...(Read More)
Congress (January 2010)
Facilitator of State Action
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

An insightful reassessment of the relationship between the U.S. Congress and the states.

Reassessing the relationship between the federal government and the states, Congress: Facilitator of State Action examines how the U.S. Congress routinely and necessarily devolves power to the states. A host of congressional statutes reveal the ways in which the U.S. Congress facilitates state action to solve certain probl...(Read More)
Contemporary American Federalism
Contemporary American Federalism (October 2008)
The Growth of National Power, Second Edition
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Traces the development of the American federal system of government, focusing principally on the shifting balance of powers between the national government and the states.

Contemporary American Federalism traces the development of the federal system within the United States from 1789 to the present. In contrast to earlier works on American federalism, this book examines not only national-state relations, b...(Read More)

Sharing the Wealth
Sharing the Wealth (July 2008)
Member Contributions and the Exchange Theory of Party Influence in the U.S. House of Representatives
Damon M. Cann - Author

2009 Richard F. Fenno Jr. Prize of the Legislative Studies Section of the American Political Science Association

Documents the ever-larger sums donated by incumbent members of Congress to their parties and other candidates, and discusses the consequences.

While students of American politics are accustomed to thinking of members of Congress as recipients of campaign contributions, Sh...(Read More)
The Public Side of Representation
The Public Side of Representation (August 2007)
A Study of Citizens' Views about Representatives and the Representative Process
Christopher J. Grill - Author

Examines how ordinary citizens view the representative process in Congress.

Representation lies at the very heart of our political system, yet few attempts have been made to examine citizens’ views about the representative process. The Public Side of Representation fills that void. Through a series of in-depth interviews, Christopher J. Grill explores people’s abstract beliefs about representati...(Read More)
Dilemmas of Representation
Dilemmas of Representation (May 2007)
Local Politics, National Factors, and the Home Styles of Modern U.S. Congress Members
Sally Friedman - Author

In-depth analysis of the representational styles of several members of Congress from New York State.

While the Congress literature of the 1970s and 1980s led to the dominant impression that all politics is local, in recent years legislative behavior has pointed in more national directions. Dilemmas of Representation comprehensively examines the multifaceted activities of several legislators from New York, one...(Read More)

Congressional Preemption
Congressional Preemption (May 2005)
Regulatory Federalism
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines the use of preemption powers by Congress to completely or partially remove regulatory authority from state and local governments.

Congressional Preemption provides an in-depth account of the use of preemption powers by Congress to either partially or completely remove regulatory authority from state and local governments in a wide variety of fields. Author Joseph F. Zimmerman exposes the inadequacies of the t...(Read More)

A Chill in the House
A Chill in the House (October 2001)
Actor Perspectives on Change and Continuity in the Pursuit of Legislative Success
Lewis G. Irwin - Author

Examines the growth of obstacles to legislative success since the 1960s in the U.S. House of Representatives.

How do laws come into being in today's Congress? Is public policy made the same way now as it was in the past? In seeking to convert an idea into law, would contemporary legislative actors identify key participants, chamber procedures, strategies, or legislative products differently than their counterpart...(Read More)
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