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Old Nations, New Voters
Old Nations, New Voters (November 2008)
Nationalism, Transnationalism, and Democracy in the Era of Global Migration
David C. Earnest - Author

Groundbreaking empirical study of voting by resident aliens in established democracies.

In this groundbreaking study, David C. Earnest analyzes why democracies give noncitizens the right to vote. Bringing together theoretical debates in international relations and comparative politics about globalization, sovereignty, nationalism, citizenship, and state building, he examines how twenty-five democracies are co...(Read More)
Looking Beyond the Mask
Looking Beyond the Mask (August 2001)
When American Women Marry Japanese Men
Nancy Brown Diggs - Author

Interviews with women in cross-cultural marriages, offering a unique insightinto Japanese life.

Looking Beyond the Mask focuses on the personal stories of the growing number of American women who--despite vast cultural differences, and sometimes because of them--are married to Japanese men. Although the problems encountered in such marriages are similar to those found in any union, there are cultural implications that can...(Read More)
Women's Agency and Educational Policy
Women's Agency and Educational Policy (October 2000)
The Experiences of the Women of Kilome, Kenya
mutindi mumbua kiluva-ndunda - Author

Highlights the struggles of a group of women from rural Kenya to provide educational opportunities for their children.

This fascinating book examines rural African women's experiences of education in Kilome, Kenya, providing engrossing, and oftentimes heartbreaking, testimony on the cultural, historical, social, economic, and political factors that have shaped, and continue to shape, women's educational and economic opportunities there...(Read More)
Managing Gender
Managing Gender (July 1997)
Affirmative Action and Organizational Power in Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand Sport
Jim McKay - Author

Evaluates the implementation of affirmative action programs for women in Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand sporting organizations.

This analysis of gender, sexuality, and power in sport evaluates how affirmative action programs for women have been implemented in sporting organizations in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Based on in-depth interviews with over one hundred men and women managers and supported by colorful examples f...(Read More)
Globalization and Survival in the Black Diaspora
Globalization and Survival in the Black Diaspora (July 1997)
The New Urban Challenge
Charles Green - Editor

Links the plight of contemporary urban dwellers of African descent across North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa, examines their coping strategies, and advocates social policies sensitive to their cultural and societal differences.

"The construction of theory about the black experience in the 21st century cannot be grounded solely in the concept of the nation-state. With the transform...(Read More)
Religious and Social Ritual
Religious and Social Ritual (February 1996)
Interdisciplinary Explorations
Michael B. Aune - Editor
Valerie DeMarinis - Editor

Examines particular rituals (social and religious) as a special kind of cultural performance or interaction in a wide variety of traditions and locations.
"This is a very timely work in a field of enquiry that has tremendous implications for human praxis. It articulates what many skilled practitioners of liturgical and ritual arts have known for centuries, but it does so within new 'episteme'(Foucault) or new styles of knowing and legitim...(Read More)
The Changing Agenda of Israeli Sociology
The Changing Agenda of Israeli Sociology (March 1995)
Theory, Ideology, and Identity
Uri Ram - Author

Offers the first systematic and comprehensive overview of sociological thought in Israel, and pleads for a new agenda that would shift the focus from nation building to democratic and egalitarian citizenship formation.
This study explores the changing agenda of Israeli sociology by linking content with context and by offering a historically informed critique of sociology as a theory and as a social institution. It examines, on the one ha...(Read More)
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