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Agency and Ethics
Agency and Ethics (October 2001)
The Politics of Military Intervention
Anthony F. Lang Jr. - Author

Explains why military interventions with humanitarian goals consistently fail.

Why does political conflict seem to consistently interfere with attempts to provide aid, end ethnic discord, or restore democracy? To answer this question, Agency and Ethics examines how the norms that originally motivate an intervention often create conflict between the intervening powers, outside powers, and the political agents who...(Read More)
Through the Lens of Israel
Through the Lens of Israel (May 2001)
Explorations in State and Society
Joel S. Migdal - Author

Essays on the formation of Israeli state and society during the twentieth century.

Through the Lens of Israel illuminates Israeli history through the use of the author's unique state-in-society approach, and, at the same time, refines, develops, and expands that approach. The book provides a window for the formation of Israeli state and society during the twentieth century, while using the Israeli experience to as...(Read More)
Foreign Policy and the Black (Inter)national Interest
Foreign Policy and the Black (Inter)national Interest (August 2000)
Charles P. Henry - Editor

Examines African American influence on United States foreign policy in the post-Cold War era.

With African Americans largely absent from the debate over post-Cold War foreign policy, this book gives voice to ways in which our foreign policy has fallen short of multi-cultural democratic ideals and suggests corrective measures. Covering such global issues as drug and arms control, trade, democracy-building and education, and such country...(Read More)
Reconstructing Citizenship
Reconstructing Citizenship (September 1999)
The Politics of Nationality Reform and Immigration in Contemporary France
Miriam Feldblum - Author

Provides the most comprehensive analysis of the rise of citizenship conflict in contemporary France.

Studying the politics of citizenship reforms and immigration in contemporary France, Reconstructing Citizenship reveals the influential roles played by key figures and institutions in reconstructing French citizenship. An extended political process framework is used by Feldblum to study domestic changes in citizen...(Read More)
Re-reading Jose Marti (1853-1895)
Re-reading Jose Marti (1853-1895) (June 1999)
One Hundred Years Later
Julio Rodriguez-Luis - Editor

Re-evaluates Jose Marti's contribution to Latin America's literature and political evolution.
This is one of the very few books on the Cuban political thinker and poet Jose Marti available in English. Written by renowned Latin Americanists, the book explores the man who created the notion of Latin America--Nuestra America--(also the title of Marti's seminal text) as a distinct cultural and racial identity. Marti's inf...(Read More)
All in the Family
All in the Family (June 1999)
Absolutism, Revolution, and Democracy in Middle Eastern Monarchies
Michael Herb - Author

A new and provocative argument about monarchism in the Middle East.
"One of the most insightful and important contributions of the book lies in its well-articulated critique of the (simplistic) 'rentier state' theory, which attributes the resilience of Gulf regimes to their oil wealth and consequent ability to buy off the opposition. Such a critique is long overdue. The author's arguments and evidence to challenge the rentier theory shoul...(Read More)
Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries
Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries (April 1998)
Economic Growth, Democracy, and Environment
Uday Desai - Editor

Examines in depth the ecological problems, policies, and politics of ten major developing countries.

The interconnectedness of the global environment and finiteness of the earth's natural resources require an increased understanding of environmental and natural-resource policy and politics in countries around the world. This is especially true of industrializing countries where widespread ecological disturbances and rapid exploitat...(Read More)
The State of Terror
The State of Terror (February 1998)
Annamarie Oliverio - Author

A comparative analysis of one of the most devastating social problems of the contemporary world. Focuses not only on acts of terrorism by terrorists, but with their portrayal and manipulation by others, particularly the media, for social and political purposes.

Annamarie Oliverio asks us to question many of our basic ideas about terrorism, the identity of terrorists, and the ways we have come to recognize terrorist acti...(Read More)
Israel in Comparative Perspective
Israel in Comparative Perspective (February 1996)
Challenging the Conventional Wisdom
Michael N. Barnett - Editor

Challenges the social-science image of Israel as a historical peculiarity by situating Israel's history in comparative context; by building bridges between Israel and other Middle Eastern states; and by using the Israeli case to reconsider existing social science theories and correct common misperceptions about the comparative method.

"This excellent analysis draws on social science theory that properly puts Israel in a ...(Read More)
C.L.R. James
C.L.R. James (November 1995)
A Political Biography
Kent Worcester - Author

A fascinating, immensely readable biography of one of the most important radical intellectuals of the twentieth century.

"This biography is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to understand the extraordinary life and work of C. L. R. James. It is thoroughly researched, based on primary sources as well as a very wide range of secondary materials, and a careful, subtle reading of James'prolific writings; yet it ...(Read More)
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