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Cultures of Order
Cultures of Order (October 2007)
Leadership, Language, and Social Reconstruction in Germany and Japan
Katja Weber - Author
Paul A. Kowert - Author

Examines postwar debates within Germany and Japan over how to promote domestic and regional order.

Cultures of Order explores how Germany and Japan each struggled to define an appropriate role for themselves in the postwar international order. In Germany, proponents of institutional constraint fought and generally prevailed over those who stressed national rights. This pattern continued even as Germany achie...(Read More)
When the State No Longer Kills
When the State No Longer Kills (August 2007)
International Human Rights Norms and Abolition of Capital Punishment
Sangmin Bae - Author

Why some countries comply with international norms against the death penalty while others do not.

Despite public support for the death penalty, a remarkable number of countries in different parts of the world have banned capital punishment in all its forms, regardless of the nature of the crime or the criminal. Arguing that international norms are often a critical source of ideas for change in state policy, but ...(Read More)
Comparing Apples and Mangoes
Comparing Apples and Mangoes (July 2007)
The Overpoliticized State in Developing Countries
S. N. Sangmpam - Author

Uncovers important similarities in the political features of developing countries in Africa, Asia,and Latin America.

Two competing approaches currently dominate the debate about the state and institutions in developing countries. The first projects a picture of transnational, vertical uniformity descending from the West to developing countries and views liberal democracy as “the only game in town.” In th...(Read More)
The Failures of American and European Climate Policy
The Failures of American and European Climate Policy (September 2006)
International Norms, Domestic Politics, and Unachievable Commitments
Loren R. Cass - Author

Examines why some nations, but not others, have met their commitments to international climate treaties.

In this timely work, Loren R. Cass argues that international norms and normative debates provide the keys to understanding the evolution of both domestic and international responses to the threat of global climate change. Ranging from the early identification and framing of this problem in the mid 1980s through ...(Read More)
Executing the Constitution
Executing the Constitution (July 2006)
Putting the President Back into the Constitution
Christopher S. Kelley - Editor

Draws attention to how American presidents have creatively interpreted the Constitution to expand the power of the executive branch.

Over the last thirty years, a great deal of attention has been paid to executive branch interpretation of the Constitution. Executing the Constitution focuses on the creative interpretation of constitutional powers to either expand executive branch policymaking or to shield its ...(Read More)
Building Trust
Building Trust (December 2005)
Overcoming Suspicion in International Conflict
Aaron M. Hoffman - Author

Challenges conventional assumptions about how international rivals form trusting relationships.

How is trust built in international politics? In this book, Aaron M. Hoffman argues that conventional arguments fail to account for two factors governments fear and wish to protect themselves from: domination by outside parties and political competition from internal parties. He argues that trusting relationships emerge in ...(Read More)
Globalizing Interests
Globalizing Interests (September 2005)
Pressure Groups and Denationalization
Michael Zurn - Editor
Gregor Walter - With assistance from

Examines how national interest groups respond to the international pressures of globalization.

Globalizing Interests
is an innovative study of globalization "from inside," looking at the reaction of nationally constituted interest groups to challenges produced by the denationalization process. The contributors focus on business associations, trade unions, civil rights organizations, and right-wing populists...(Read More)
Subsidizing Capitalism
Subsidizing Capitalism (July 2005)
Brickmakers on the U.S.-Mexican Border
Tamar Diana Wilson - Author

Examines the economic activities of self-employed brickmakers and the unpaid family members and others who assist them in Mexico.

In Mexico, self-employed brickmakers support capitalist enterprise by providing bricks to build hotels, factories, office buildings, and shopping malls at costs lower than those based on profit-making principles. Combining Chayanovian and neo-Marxist approaches, Subsidizing Capitalism ...(Read More)
Institutions and the Politics of Survival in Jordan
Institutions and the Politics of Survival in Jordan (May 2005)
Domestic Responses to External Challenges, 1988-2001
Russell E. Lucas - Author

Explains how the Jordanian monarchy has survived economic crisis and regional political instability.

Weaving together accounts of historical developments, cultural elements, economic factors, and regional and international dynamics, Russell E. Lucas explores how the monarchy in Jordan survived economic crisis and regional political instability during the 1990s. Lucas analyzes the factors behind the successful liberali...(Read More)
Sovereignty, Democracy, and Global Civil Society
Sovereignty, Democracy, and Global Civil Society (January 2005)
State-Society Relations at UN World Conferences
Elisabeth Jay Friedman - Author
Kathryn Hochstetler - Author
Ann Marie Clark - Author

Examines the growing power of nongovernmental organizations by looking at UN World Conferences.

Sovereignty, Democracy, and Global Civil Society explores the growing power of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) by analyzing a microcosm of contemporary global state-society relations at UN World Conferences. The intense interactions between states and NGOs at conferences on the environment, human rights, women's iss...(Read More)

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