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Work and Inequality in Urban China
Work and Inequality in Urban China (January 1994)
Yanjie Bian - Author

"The work under review provides systematic evidence of the importance of organizational location in the system of rewards in one Chinese city and invites us to think more deeply about the sources of segmentation phenomena....The resulting book is a wide-ranging and informative discussion of the dynamics of stratification in urban China, set in a comparative context. It should be of interest not only to those interested in Chinese society, but a...(Read More)
Confucian Ethics of the Axial Age
Confucian Ethics of the Axial Age (October 1993)
A Reconstruction under the Aspect of the Breakthrough Toward Postconventional Thinking
Heiner Roetz - Author

Confucian Ethics of the Axial Age describes the formative period of Chinese culture--the last centuries of the Zhou dynasty--as an early epoch of enlightenment. It comprehensively reconstructs the ethical discourse as thought gradually became emancipated from tradition and institutions. Rather than presenting a chronology of different thinkers and works, this book discusses the systematic aspects of moral philosophies.

Based on orig...(Read More)
The Great Wall in Ruins
The Great Wall in Ruins (October 1993)
Communication and Cultural Change in China
Godwin C. Chu - Author
Yanan Ju - Author

This book presents a survey of rural and urban Chinese people examining the dramatic changes in traditional culture that have taken place, and documenting the nature of contemporary Chinese culture. Chu and Ju examine attitudes about family relations, social relations, job preferences and work ethic, organizational relations, community life, and belief systems.

Although there remains some limited continuity with the past, mainly in family st...(Read More)
The Taoist Experience
The Taoist Experience (October 1993)
An Anthology
Livia Kohn - Editor

"Livia Kohn is one of the very best and most prolific Taoist scholars in the world. Here, she draws upon the revolution in Taoist scholarship during the past few decades, and provides a much needed representative anthology of primary Taoist texts, making these important materials available to the non-specialist scholar, to students, and to the general public." -- Norman Girardot, Lehigh University

"This is a work whose time has come, a landm...(Read More)
Nature and Heaven in the Xunzi
Nature and Heaven in the Xunzi (August 1993)
A Study of the Tian Lun
Edward J. Machle - Author

This translation and commentary on Xunzi's Tian Lun argues against naturalistic interpretations of Tian. Tracing the course of interpretation of Xunzi down to the present, discussing some of the influences that affected how he was understood, and raising questions about some contemporary revisionary attempts, Machle suggests unusual lines of interpretation.

"Philosophically it is more sophisticated than any other English-langua...(Read More)
Epistemological Issues in Classical Chinese Philosophy
Epistemological Issues in Classical Chinese Philosophy (August 1993)
Hans Lenk - Editor
Gregor Paul - Editor

This book shows that classic Chinese philosophy is as rational as Western approaches dealing with the problems of logic, epistemology, language analysis, and linguistic topics from a philosophical point of view. It presents detailed analyses of rational and methodological features in Confucianism, Taoist philosophy, and the School of Names as well as Mohist approaches in classical Chinese philosophy, especially in regard to ideas of valid knowledg...(Read More)
Heaven and Earth in Early Han Thought
Heaven and Earth in Early Han Thought (August 1993)
Chapters Three, Four, and Five of the Huainanzi
John S. Major - Author

"It presents a careful, accurate, thoroughly annotated translation of a major section of one of the most important texts in the intellectual history of early imperial China, a translation which copes admirably with both the sinological difficulties and the astronomical technicalities of the text." -- Mark Edward Lewis, University of Cambridge

"Major's book is an outstanding contribution to the field of Chinese studies; while generously acknow...(Read More)
Cities of Jiangnan in Late Imperial China
Cities of Jiangnan in Late Imperial China (July 1993)
Linda Cooke Johnson - Editor
William T. Rowe - Introduction

"This book creates a strong cumulative sense of what cities in this region were like socially and culturally in addition to showing the cities' economic and political functions. That is, the chapters, in combination with the editor's preface and William T. Rowe's introduction, add up to a very strong, coherent work. There is a wealth of detail and a number of lovely anecdotes as well as a very serious concern for larger social science issues like ...(Read More)
Nativism Overseas
Nativism Overseas (July 1993)
Contemporary Chinese Women Writers
Hsin-sheng C. Kao - Editor

This book examines five of the most influential Chinese-born women writers of the post-war era: Nie Hualing, Yu Lihua, Chen Ruoxi, Li Li, and Zhong Xiaoyang. They have become a dominating force in Chinese literature today, although they presently reside outside their homeland. This book raises a clear and consistent voice in line with the literature of exile and self discovery. As these writers talk of the 'root'--the self, and their social, cultur...(Read More)
Way, Learning, and Politics
Way, Learning, and Politics (July 1993)
Essays on the Confucian Intellectual
Tu Wei-ming - Author

The emergence of New Confucian Humanism as a major intellectual and spiritual tradition in the Chinese cultural area since the Second World War is a phenomenon vitally important and intriguing to students of history, philosophy, and religion. The Confucian vision, rooted in the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese civilizations, has been sustained through more than two millennia of constant social change and holds special meaning for both indu...(Read More)
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