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Legitimating the Chinese Economic Reforms
Legitimating the Chinese Economic Reforms (July 1996)
A Rhetoric of Myth and Orthodoxy
Alan R. Kluver - Author

Argues that the legitimacy of the Chinese government relies on two factors: the national myth of revolution and ideological orthodoxy.

The reform program of Deng Xiaoping in the People's Republic of China constitutes one of the most significant political and social change programs in recent history. A singularly important question arises from this experiment: How does a nation implement a stock market and call it Marx...(Read More)
The T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Experience
The T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Experience (July 1996)
Reflections and Perceptions on Body-Mind Harmony
Sophia Delza - Author
Robert Cummings Neville - Edited with a foreword by

The leading proponent in America of the Wu style discusses the spiritual and aesthetic meanings of t'ai chi ch'uan.

In her previous book, T'ai Chi Ch'uan: Body and Mind in Harmony: The Integration of Meaning and Method, Sophia Delza describes the Wu Style with careful directions and illustrations for learning the practice of the exercise-art of t'ai chi ch'uan. In this new book, Ms. Delza, the leading proponent in the United St...(Read More)
Essays on Skepticism, Relativism, and Ethics in the Zhuangzi
Essays on Skepticism, Relativism, and Ethics in the Zhuangzi (April 1996)
Paul Kjellberg - Editor
Philip J. Ivanhoe - Editor

The Chinese philosophical text Zhuangzi was written by Zhuangzi in the fourth century BCE. With humor and relentless logic Zhuangzi attacks claims to knowledge about the world, especially evaluative knowledge of what is good and bad or right and wrong. This book is about the man and the text.

The Chinese philosophical text Zhuangzi, written in part by a man named...(Read More)
Strange Writing
Strange Writing (January 1996)
Anomaly Accounts in Early Medieval China
Robert Ford Campany - Author

This is the first comprehensive, Western-language study of the important Chinese genre of writing known as "accounts of the anomalies" (zhiguai) in its formative period. The book sets forth a new view of the nature and origins of the genre.

Between the Han dynasty, founded in 206 B.C.E., and the Sui, which ended in 618 C.E., Chinese authors wrote many thousands of short textual items, each of which narrated or des...(Read More)
Demon Hordes and Burning Boats
Demon Hordes and Burning Boats (November 1995)
The Cult of Marshal Wen in Late Imperial Chekiang
Paul R. Katz - Author

Provides a lively description of how the cult of a popular plague-fighting deity named Marshal Wen arose and spread in late imperial China.

One of the few full-length regional studies of popular religion in late imperial China, this book presents the history of the cult of Marshal Wen, a plague-fighting deity whose cult flourished through Chekiang and its neighboring provinces. The author provides a lively account of t...(Read More)
The Eunuchs in the Ming Dynasty
The Eunuchs in the Ming Dynasty (November 1995)
Shih-shan Henry Tsai - Author

This study of Chinese eunuchs illuminates the entire history of the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, and provides broad information on various aspects of pre-modern China.

This book is the first on Chinese eunuchs in English and presents a comprehensive picture of the role that they played in the Ming dynasty, 1368-1644. Extracted from a wide range of primary and secondary source material, the author provides significant and i...(Read More)
Lukang (October 1995)
Commerce and Community in a Chinese City
Donald R. DeGlopper - Author

An anthropological study of the social organization and local history in Lukang, a city in Taiwan.
"The book is written in a clean, clear style with a wit rare in anthropology. It is attractive as such classics as Ruth Benedict's Patterns of Culture and Raymond Firth's We, the Tikopia. It is important as one of the few (and certainly the very best) account of the social structure of the petty capitalists that were the motor...(Read More)
The Cloudy Mirror
The Cloudy Mirror (October 1995)
Tension and Conflict in the Writings of Sima Qian
Stephen W. Durrant - Author

Sima Qian's writings have influenced the Chinese for over 2,000 years and still serve as a fiscal source of historical information about China.
Sima Qian's vast Records of the Historian is the first comprehensive history of China and has exerted an immense influence both upon our understanding of the Chinese past and also upon the style and structure of subsequent Chinese historiography. In addition to his contribution as a histor...(Read More)
Economic Transition and Political Legitimacy in Post-Mao China
Economic Transition and Political Legitimacy in Post-Mao China (September 1995)
Ideology and Reform
Feng Chen - Author

Traces the role of ideas in Chinese economic reform from 1978 to the present, exploring the conversion of China's policymakers to capitalist economic thinking.
"This book discusses an important topic--how economic reforms have undermined the Chinese Communist Party's legitimacy--that many scholars have mentioned in passing but which no one, to my knowledge, has examined as systematically as this author. The contradiction between necessary...(Read More)
Anticipating China
Anticipating China (August 1995)
Thinking through the Narratives of Chinese and Western Culture
David L. Hall - Author
Roger T. Ames - Author

This book shows that failure to assess the significant cultural differences between China and the West has seriously affected our understanding of both classical and contemporary China, and makes the translation of attitudes, concepts, and issues extremely problematic.
"The extensive and masterful command of Western philosophy, including the contemporary period, makes the book truly exciting instead of just another competent scho...(Read More)

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