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Existence and Enlightenment in the Lankavatara-Sutra
Existence and Enlightenment in the Lankavatara-Sutra (December 1990)
A Study in the Ontology and the Epistemology of the Yogacara School of Mahayana Buddhism
Florin G. Sutton - Author

"No comparable work has been published on the Lankavatara-sutra since that of D. T. Suzuki." -- Dr. Shohei Ichimura

This book offers a systematic analysis of one of the most important concepts characterizing the Yogacara School of Buddhism (the last creative stage of Indian Buddhism) as outlined and explained in one of its most authoritative and influential texts, Lankavatara-sutra. Compiled in the second half of ...(Read More)
Tao-Sheng's Commentary on the Lotus Sutra
Tao-Sheng's Commentary on the Lotus Sutra (August 1990)
A Study and Translation
Young-ho Kim - Author

(Chu) Tao-sheng stands out in history as a unique and preeminent thinker whose paradigmatic, original ideas paved the way for the advent of Chinese Buddhism. The universality of Buddha-nature, which Tao-sheng championed at the cost of excommunication, was to become a cornerstone of the Chinese Buddhist ideology. This book presents a comprehensive study of the only complete document by Tao-sheng still in existence.

"The reliability and deta...(Read More)
The Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine
The Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine (August 1990)
Ching-ying Hui-yuan's Commentary on the Visualization Sutra
Kenneth K. Tanaka - Author

"Tanaka discusses a very important issue in Chinese Buddhism in an innovative way. The text that he has translated is Hui-yuan's Commentary on the Sutra of Visualization on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life, which is not only the oldest extant commentary on this sutra, but also the key text in the history of Pure Land Buddhism in China. In light of the growing interest in Pure Land Buddhism, this translation is truly a timely one. The transl...(Read More)
The Poetry of Han-shan
The Poetry of Han-shan (March 1990)
A Complete, Annotated Translation of Cold Mountain
Robert G. Henricks - Author

This is an annotated English translation of the poetry of Han-shan (Cold Mountain), a 7th or 8th century Chinese Buddhist recluse who wrote many poems about his life alone in the hills. Many of his poems describe the mountains where he lived in dramatic, yet appealing terms, while at the same time symbolizing in Zen fashion the Buddhist quest for enlightenment. Han-shan became a cult figure in the Ch'an/Zen tradition, and legends portray him and h...(Read More)
Me and Mine
Me and Mine (August 1989)
Selected Essays of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa
Donald K. Swearer - Edited and with an introduction by
Bhikku Buddhadasa - Author

This work brings together in a single volume the translated essays of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, the major interpreter of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia.

"This is an excellent exposition of present day Theravada Buddhism by a native Thai master. A book of this nature is quite rare to find, especially coming from a living scholar and practitioner. Buddhadasa's interpretation is innovative and thus controversial to traditionalists but it deals...(Read More)
The Foundational Standpoint of Madhyamika Philosophy
The Foundational Standpoint of Madhyamika Philosophy (March 1989)
Gadjin M. Nagao - Author
John P. Keenan - Translator

"A masterful treatment of the subject in all aspects. It offers a profound linguistic and philosophical analysis of the philosophy of Madhyamika in connection with Chi-tsang's Chinese Madhyamika and Yogacara, presented in a clear logical order. It provides a very sound hermeneutic approach by using all the important and relevant primary sources in original languages (Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese), demonstrating the author's solid knowledge of th...(Read More)
Sounds of Valley Streams
Sounds of Valley Streams (December 1988)
Enlightenment in Dogen's Zen Translation of Nine Essays from Shobogenzo
Francis H. Cook - Author

Sounds of Valley Streams is a study of Zen Buddhist enlightenment in nine chapters of Shobogenzoby Dogen. Francis H. Cook has translated the nine chapters and has preceded them with four chapters of discussion. These essays show Dogen bringing his religious intensity, philosophical depth, and poetic power to bear on a number of different facets of enlightenment. Using striking images and poetical expressions such as "one bright pear...(Read More)
The Heart Sutra Explained
The Heart Sutra Explained (January 1988)
Indian and Tibetan Commentaries
Donald S. Lopez Jr. - Author

Renowned for its terse declaration of the perfection of wisdom, the Heart Sutra is the most famous of Buddhist scriptures. The author draws on previously unexamined commentaries, preserved only in Tibetan, to investigate the meanings derived from and invested into the sutra during the later period of Indian Buddhism.

The Heart Sutra Explained offers new insights on "form is emptiness, emptiness is form," on the mantra "gate ...(Read More)
Principles of Buddhist Psychology
Principles of Buddhist Psychology (July 1987)
David J. Kalupahana - Author

The book bases Buddhist psychology on a sophisticated and thoroughgoing empiricism. Jamesean psychological concepts are used in order to clarify the Buddhist ideas. The first part of the book outlines the principles of psychology that can be traced to the Buddha himself with detailed comparison to James. The second part deals with the understanding of these principles by later disciples of Buddha. The substantial appendices present analyses of M...(Read More)
The Body
The Body (July 1987)
Toward an Eastern Mind-Body Theory
Yasuo Yuasa - Author
Thomas P. Kasulis - Editor/translator
Shigenori Nagatomo - Translator

This book explores mind-body philosophy from an Asian perspective. It sheds new light on a problem central in modern Western thought. Yuasa shows that Eastern philosophy has generally formulated its view of mind-body unity as an achievement a state to be acquired—rather than as essential or innate. Depending on the individual's own developmental state, the mind-body connection can vary from near dissociation to almost perfect integration....(Read More)
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