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Interpreting Amida
Interpreting Amida (April 1997)
History and Orientalism in the Study of Pure Land Buddhism
Galen Amstutz - Author

Amstutz clearly demonstrates how the sources of Western and Eastern misunderstanding of Pure Land Buddhism have been engendered, both consciously and unconsciously, by orientalist assumptions current in scholarly understanding of the history and practice of Pure Land Buddhism. Before academic studies in Pure Land Buddhism can advance much further, all of us in the field must confront the issues of orientalist assumptions and biaseslurking in our sch...(Read More)
Recognizing Reality
Recognizing Reality (January 1997)
Dharmakirti's Philosophy and Its Tibetan Interpretations
Georges B. J. Dreyfus - Author

Examines the central ideas of Dharmakirti, one of the most important Indian Buddhist philosophers and their reception by Tibetan thinkers.

"Georges Dreyfus is to my knowledge to date the only Westerner who is a fully-qualified Tibetan Ge-shay. He knows exactly how this material is interpreted and used in Tibetan debate within the dGe lugs tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The fact that Dreyfus is also very aware of W...(Read More)
Sisters in Solitude
Sisters in Solitude (November 1996)
Two Traditions of Buddhist Monastic Ethics for Women. A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese Dharmagupta and the Tibetan Mulasarvastivada Bhiksuni Pratimoksa Sutras
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Author

Provides the first English translation of the Tibetan and Chinese texts on monastic discipline for Buddhist nuns and presents a comparative study of the two texts. An important contribution for studies of women’s history, feminist philosophy, women’s studies, women in religion, and feminist ethics.

“A study of nuns’ ethics is important in itself and is important to Buddhist studies, Asian ...(Read More)
A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy
A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy (October 1996)
Sanskrit Terms Defined in English (New and Revised Edition)
John A. Grimes - Author

This new and revised edition provides a comprehensive dictionary of Indian philosophical terms. Terms are provided in both devanagari and roman transliteration along with their English translations.

Containing over 500 new listings of frequently used religious terms and numerous etymological derivations, this new and revised edition of A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy provides a comprehensive dictionar...(Read More)
Liberating Intimacy
Liberating Intimacy (July 1996)
Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in Ch'an Buddhism
Peter D. Hershock - Author

"This is the best book I have ever read on the Ch'an Buddhist tradition. Hershock articulates and defends his thesis with insight, power, and elegance. Enlightenment is ultimately about intimacy, sociality, and virtuosity. It is a central, yet heretofore ignored, aspect of not only the Ch'an Buddhist tradition in China, but also the Soto (Zen) tradition in Japan. If you understand Hershock on Ch'an, you are well on your way to understanding Zen Budd...(Read More)
Wordsworth and the Zen Mind
Wordsworth and the Zen Mind (April 1996)
The Poetry of Self-Emptying
John G. Rudy - Author

Studies Wordsworth in the context of Zen thought and art.

"This is a refreshingly new comparative effort on Zen and Wordsworth, bringing into play the subtleties of Zen experience and the deep spirituality of Wordsworth." --Kenneth Inada, State University of New York at Buffalo

This book demonstrates that Zen thought and art provide both a generative and a formative context for understanding the s...(Read More)
Engaged Buddhism
Engaged Buddhism (March 1996)
Buddhist Liberation Movements in Asia
Christopher S. Queen - Editor
Sallie B. King - Editor

This is the first comprehensive coverage of socially and politically engaged Buddhism in Asia, presenting the historical development and institutional forms of engaged Buddhism in the light of traditional Buddhist conceptions of morality, interdependence, and liberation.

This is the first comprehensive study of socially and politically engaged Buddhism in the lands of its origin. Nine accounts of contemporary movements ...(Read More)
Studies in Abhidharma Literature and the Origins of Buddhist Philosophical Systems
Studies in Abhidharma Literature and the Origins of Buddhist Philosophical Systems (January 1996)
Translated from the German by Sophie Francis Kidd as translator and under the supervision of Ernst Steinkellner as editor
Erich Frauwallner - Author
Ernst Steinkellner - Editor

This is a translation of Frauwallner's Abhidharmastudien. It analyzes the literary traditions, doctrinal tendencies, and structural methods of the Buddhist Abhidarma canon in order to expose the beginnings of systematic philosophical thought in Buddhism. Frauwallner's insights illuminate the path of meditation toward liberation, the development of Buddhist psychology, and the evolution of the Buddhist view of causality and the problem of ti...(Read More)
Dogen's Pure Standards for the Zen Community
Dogen's Pure Standards for the Zen Community (December 1995)
A Translation of Eihei Shingi
Taigen Dan Leighton - Translator
Shohaku Okumura - Translator

Presents a complete, annotated translation of Dogen's writing on Zen monasticism and the spirit of community practice. Dogen (1200-1253) is Japan's greatest Zen master.

This is a complete translation of Eihei Shingi, the major writing by the Japanese Zen master Eihei Dogen (1200-1253) on monastic practice and the role of community life in Buddhism. Dogen was the founder of the Soto branch of Japanese Zen, but hi...(Read More)
Buddhadhamma (September 1995)
Natural Laws and Values for Life
Phra Prayudh Payutto - Author
Grant A. Olson - Translator

Written by one of the most highly regarded monk-scholars in Southeast Asia, this book is a modern distillation of the pivotal doctrines found in the Pali Buddhist canon.
Written by a Thai, Theravada monk who has been recognized for his scholarly achievements, Buddhadhamma is a modern distillation of pivotal doctrines found in the Pali Buddhist canon. Many scholars of Buddhism in Thailand and beyond have said that if a person is not...(Read More)
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