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Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli and Papal Politics in European Affairs
Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli and Papal Politics in European Affairs (February 1990)
Frank J. Coppa - Author

Coppa provides the first full-length study of Giacomo Antonelli, friend and advisor to Pope Pius IX (Pio Nono) and his Secretary of State and chief minister from 1849 to 1876. Based on the documents of the secret Vatican Archives, and neglected family papers in the State Archive in Rome, the book gives an important reevaluation of this key diplomatic figure, separating the man from the myth and delving into his character and policies.

Balancing the intense emotional impact of Sarah’s first-person account, Dr. Abramson’s commentary is interpolated throughout the record of Sarah’s life. Sarah’s story was obtained from seven months of inte...(Read More)
The World of Yesterday's Humanist Today
The World of Yesterday's Humanist Today (June 1984)
Proceedings of the Stefan Zweig Symposium
Marion Sonnenfeld - Editor

Fifty years ago, Stefan Zweig, who committed suicide in 1942, was the most widely read and translated living writer in the world. Zweig’s Vienna was a world of bright, brittle superficialities, in which the bourgeoisie “gradually elevated the eternal business of seeing and being seen to the purpose of the existence.” To break through the facades of this society, Zweig developed a remarkable literary and psychological method....(Read More)
Jules Michelet
Jules Michelet (June 1980)
A Study of Mind and Sensibility
Stephen A. Kippur - Author

A Physician Faces Cancer in Himself
A Physician Faces Cancer in Himself (June 1979)
Samuel Sanes, M.D. - Author

This is a frank and honest narrative of a personal experience with a serious disease written by a physician who died of the disease soon after finishing his book. He applies his personal knowledge to his experience as a patient in a manner which clarifies many aspects of cancer for both lay persons and physicians. The book is about dying of cancer, but it is primarily about relationships. At the center is the relationship of physician, famil...(Read More)
E. L. Godkin
E. L. Godkin (June 1978)
A Biography
William M. Armstrong - Author

This is the only biography of Godkin published since 1907, when the Godkin family commissioned such a work. Numerous leaders of the Gilded Age are introduced and their relationships to Godkin are explored. Godkin’s accuracy as a journalist through his Nation is completely evaluated.
Newdick's Season of Frost
Newdick's Season of Frost (June 1976)
An Interrupted Biography of Robert Frost
William A. Sutton - Editor
Robert S. Newdick - Editor

In 1935 Professor Robert Newdick of Ohio State University wrote to Robert Frost--already America's most famous living poet--in order to suggest certain revisions in the arrangement of the poet's collected poems. The brief letter was to begin a relationship of nearly five years (ending only with Newdick's untimely death in 1939) in which Newdick assiduously gathered materials from a wide variety of sources for a projected (but not "authorized") Frost...(Read More)
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