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Basho's Journey
Basho's Journey (April 2005)
The Literary Prose of Matsuo Basho
Matsuo Basho - Author
David Landis Barnhill - Translation and introduction by

Offers the most comprehensive collection of Basho's prose available, beautifully translated into English.

In Basho's Journey, David Landis Barnhill provides the definitive translation of Matsuo Basho's literary prose, as well as a companion piece to his previous translation, Basho's Haiku. One of the world's greatest nature writers, Basho (1644–1694) is well known for his subtle sensitivity to the nat...(Read More)
Basho's Haiku
Basho's Haiku (August 2004)
Selected Poems of Matsuo Basho
Matsuo Basho - Author
David Landis Barnhill - Translation and introduction by

2005 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award

A wonderful new translation of the poetry of Basho—Zen monk, poet of nature, and master of the haiku form.

Basho's Haiku offers the most comprehensive translation yet of the poetry of Japanese writer Matsuo Basho (1644–1694), who is credited with perfecting and popularizing the haiku form of poetry. One of the most widely read Ja...(Read More)

Chinese Aesthetics and Literature
Chinese Aesthetics and Literature (March 2004)
A Reader
Corinne H. Dale - Editor

Featuring the work of renowned scholars, this anthology provides an introduction to Chinese aesthetics and literature.

This comprehensive introduction to Chinese aesthetics and literature includes the major modern genres of poetry, fiction, and drama. Featuring the work of renowned scholars in Chinese studies, the book provides an historical survey of Chinese literature and explains its philosophical and historical un...(Read More)
Rediscovering Wen Tingyun
Rediscovering Wen Tingyun (November 2003)
A Historical Key to a Poetic Labyrinth
Huaichuan Mou - Author

A new look at the life, times, and work of the great Tang dynasty poet, Wen Tingyun, that rebuts the negative aspects of his reputation. Translations of a number of his works are included.

In this book, Huaichuan Mou takes a fresh look at the life, times, and work of Wen Tingyun, the great poet of the late Tang dynasty in China, whose reputation has been overshadowed by notoriety and misunderstanding for more than a t...(Read More)
Tales for the Dying
Tales for the Dying (February 2003)
The Death Narrative of the Bhagavata-Purana
E. H. Rick Jarow - Author

Explores death and dying in the Bhagavata-Purana and in the Indian religious imagination using insights from myth, semiotics, and depth psychology as well as the Indian commentarial tradition.
Tales for the Dying explores the centrality of death and dying in the narrative of the Bhagavata-Purana, India’s great text of devotional theism, canonized as an integral part of the Vaisnava bhakti tradition. The text grapples with de...(Read More)
Japanese Philosophy
Japanese Philosophy (July 2001)
H. Gene Blocker - Author
Christopher L. Starling - Author

An overview of Japanese philosophy from the seventh century to the present.

Japanese Philosophy is the first book to assert the existence of a Japanese philosophy prior to Nishida Kitaro in the early twentieth century. Because of Western military and economic dominance since the seventeenth century, the cross-cultural comparison of non-Western philosophy has generally gone in one direction--comparing Chinese, Indi...(Read More)
Wandering Heart
Wandering Heart (August 1998)
The Work and Method of Hayashi Fumiko
Susanna Fessler - Author

This first Western language study of one of Japan's most popular writers includes translations of key passages, critical commentary, and full translations of three essays by Hayashi Fumiko.

Despite being one of the most popular writers of her day, Hayashi Fumiko (1903-1951) has remained virtually unknown outside of Japan. Describing her life and literature, author Susanna Fessler weaves together major events in Fumiko's ...(Read More)
Narrative as Counter-Memory
Narrative as Counter-Memory (August 1998)
A Half-Century of Postwar Writing in Germany and Japan
Reiko Tachibana - Author

CHOICE 1999 Outstanding Academic Book
A pioneering study of German and Japanese postwar fiction, providing a broad cultural basis for understanding a half-century of responses to World War II from within the two societies.

The wartime and postwar cultural histories of Germany and Japan show similar experiences of defeat, occupation, and then the reconstruction of powerful societies. Little previous research has examined the ...(Read More)
Don Juan East/West
Don Juan East/West (July 1998)
On the Problematics of Comparative Literature
Takayuki Yokota-Murakami - Author

An essential guide for those who seek to reconsider the theoretical problems of (trans-civilizational) comparative literature, those who are interested in the literary and cultural history of modern East Asian countries, and those with a general interest in issues of sexuality.

From its early proponents via Rene Etiemble and Claudio Guillen to Jonathan Culler, comparative literature has always been viewed, with much hop...(Read More)
Immigrant Subjectivities in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Literatures
Immigrant Subjectivities in Asian American and Asian Diaspora Literatures (July 1998)
Sheng-mei Ma - Author

Offers a new way of reading Asian American and Asian Diaspora literatures, thereby addressing an overlapping lacuna in ethnic, postcolonial, and area studies: the construction of immigrant subjectivities.

"This book opens up a whole new way of examining Asian American literature--the postcolonial approach to immigrant subjectivity--that will influence future scholarship in the field. Personally I gained a fresh new look ...(Read More)
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