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Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism
Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism (December 1994)
The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshmanjoo
John Hughes - Author

This book presents the oral teachings of the twentieth century's great Kashmir Shaivite master. The last of his long lineage, Swami Lakshmanjoo preserved, as did his predecessors, the oral knowledge that illuminates this ancient philosophy--that clarifies the often deliberately obscure tantric texts.
Swami Lakshmanjoo reveals the essence of the way and the means to self realization. Here in his own original discourses, as well as in his Englis...(Read More)
Bhakti Religion in North India
Bhakti Religion in North India (December 1994)
Community Identity and Political Action
David N. Lorenzen - Editor

In India, religion continues to be an absolutely vital source for social as well as personal identity. All manner of groups--political, occupational, and social--remain grounded in specific religious communities. This book analyzes the development of the modern Hindu and Sikh communities in North India starting from about the fifteenth century, when the dominant bhakti tradition of Hinduism became divided into two currents: the sagun and the nirg...(Read More)
A Survey of Hinduism
A Survey of Hinduism (September 1994)
Second Edition
Klaus K. Klostermaier - Author

This revision reflects recent developments and events in India. In particular, a new Part has been added entitled "The Meeting of East and West in India" which contains a new chapter on Mahatma Gandhi. There is also a new chapter on the position of women in Hinduism. In addition to the added chapters, the entire book has been rewritten with many new illustrations and maps.

This book provides a comprehensive survey of the Hin...(Read More)
The Life of Shabkar
The Life of Shabkar (September 1994)
The Autobiography of a Tibetan Yogin
Matthieu Ricard - Translator
the Dalai Lama - Introduction

"It is alive, a tale with compelling magical adventures, the force of narrative, and great variety."--Steven D. Goodman, Institute of Buddhist Studies, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

"This is an accurate, readable translation of an important Tibetan autobiography, rich with details about Tibetan culture, religion, attitudes, and practices."--Janet Gyatso, Amherst College

The Life of Shabkar
has long been recognized by Tibe...(Read More)
Mythology and Folklore of the Hui, A Muslim Chinese People
Mythology and Folklore of the Hui, A Muslim Chinese People (July 1994)
Shujiang Li - Author
Karl W. Luckert - Author

"Not only does this amazing corpus contribute much to our understanding of the tremendous cultural and religious variety found within both Chinese and Islamic societies, but it challenges our conceptions and compartmentalizations of each."-- Dru C. Gladney, University of Southern California

"There is no comparable study of the Hui in a Western language. It will help break down the monolithic image we still have of Ch...(Read More)
The Art of Rulership
The Art of Rulership (July 1994)
A Study of Ancient Chinese Political Thought
Roger T. Ames - Author

Roger Ames first traces the evolution of five key concepts in early Chinese political philosophy and then analyzes these concepts as they are developed in The Art of Rulership. The Art of Rulership is Book Nine of the Huai Nan Tzu, an anthology of diverse and far-ranging contents compiled under the patronage of Liu An (prince of Huai Nan) and presented to the court of Wu Ti during the first century of the Former Han (perhaps as early a...(Read More)
The Four-Seven Debate
The Four-Seven Debate (March 1994)
An Annotated Translation of the Most Famous Controversy in Korean Neo-Confucian Thought
Michael C. Kalton - Author
Oaksook C. Kim - With
Sung Bae Park - With
Young-chan Ro - With
Tu Wei-ming - With
Samuel Yamashita - With

This book is an annotated translation, with introduction and commentary, of the correspondence between Yi Hwang (T'oegye, 1500-1570) and Ki Taesung (Kobong, 1527-1572) and between Yi I (Yulgok, 1536-1584) and Song Hon (Ugye, 1535-1598), known as the Four-Seven Debate, the most famous philosophical controversy in Korean Neo-Confucian thought. The most complex issues and difficult tensions in the great Neo-Confucian synthesis are at the juncture betwe...(Read More)
Problems and Perspectives in Religious Discourse
Problems and Perspectives in Religious Discourse (February 1994)
Advaita Vedanta Implications
John A. Grimes - Author

"This is an important and original book. It is a fine exposition of the questions about religious language and the problem of talking about the transcendent. I know of no one better able to expound an Advaitin viewpoint than Dr. Grimes." -- Ninian Smart, University of California, Santa Barbara

"The author has illumined some very important problems in the philosophy of religion and the East-West Dialogue. Good examples are, what kind of...(Read More)
The Elemental Changes
The Elemental Changes (January 1994)
The Ancient Chinese Companion to the I Ching. The T'ai Hsuan Ching of Master Yang Hsiung Text and Commentaries translated by Michael Nylan
Michael Nylan - Author

Composed in 2 B.C., as "The I Ching revised and enlarged," The Elemental Changes is a divination manual providing a clear method for distinguishing alternative courses of action. Structured in 81 tetragrams ( as opposed to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching), the book offers much to the modern reader. Today in the West, The Elemental Changes is an essential tool for understanding the Tao as it operates in the Cosmos, in t...(Read More)
Student Nationalism in China, 1924-1949
Student Nationalism in China, 1924-1949 (January 1994)
Lincoln Li - Author

Li examines the critical role of the younger generation as a political force, influenced by the cultural and ideological debates during China's reunification in 1927 and again in 1949. He focuses on key organizations to illustrate how political parties turned explosive, national feelings into an organized political force. Li shows how Chinese student nationalism, despite its radical image, represents a prominent feature of continuity in Chinese soc...(Read More)
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