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Paul Cushman
Paul Cushman (January 2007)
The Work and World of an Early 19th Century Albany Potter
Albany Institute of History and Art - Author

Overview of the life, work, times, and legacy of a renowned Albany potter.

The life, time, and work of a renowned Albany potter comes vividly to life in these pages. Paul Cushman (1767–1833) is recognized today as one of the founders of a regional stoneware industry that stretched throughout the upper Hudson River valley of New York State. When Cushman moved to Albany around 1800, local stoneware production wa...(Read More)
Albany Institute of History and Art
Albany Institute of History and Art (January 1998)
200 Years of Collecting
Tammis K. Groft - Editor
Mary Alice Mackay - Editor

Beautifully illustrated introduction to and overview of the collections of the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Founded in 1791, the Albany Institute of History and Art is one of the nation’s oldest cultural institutions. Today, it boasts outstanding collections largely focused on New York State’s upper Hudson River valley. These include Hudson River school landscape paintings, portraits by Ezra Ame...(Read More)
Crafts in the World Market
Crafts in the World Market (August 1993)
The Impact of Global Exchange on Middle American Artisans
June C. Nash - Editor

"What I like most about the book is the elucidation of the multifaceted nature of craft production in Latin America. It offers the reader a telescoping of perspective, from the microscopic factors of individual motivation and reward in craftwork to the macroscopic influence of world market conditions and intercultural perceptions of 'authenticity' and 'quality.'" -- Michael Coy, St. Mary's College of Maryland

The growing exchange of traditio...(Read More)
Intaglio Simultaneous Color Printmaking
Intaglio Simultaneous Color Printmaking (November 1988)
Significance of Materials and Processes
N. Krishna Reddy - Author

"It is by far the best book on viscosity color printing by an outstanding practitioner of this technique. It is one of the most complete books on intaglio color printmaking in general. It is a must for serious students of printmaking." -- Gabor Peterdi, Former Director, Graphics and Printmaking Program, Yale University

"The most outstanding feature of the book is its broad approach to the creative process. Not only does it provide sign...(Read More)
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