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Lifelong Learning in Neoliberal Japan
Lifelong Learning in Neoliberal Japan (November 2015)
Risk, Community, and Knowledge
Akihiro Ogawa - Author

Explores the trend of lifelong learning in Japan as a means to deal with risk in a neoliberal era.

Akihiro Ogawa explores Japan’s recent embrace of lifelong learning as a means by which a neoliberal state deals with risk. Lifelong learning has been heavily promoted by Japan’s policymakers, and statistics find one-third of Japanese people engaged in some form of these activities. Activities that increase abilities a...(Read More)
The Gift of Education
The Gift of Education (October 2005)
How a Tuition Guarantee Program Changed the Lives of Inner-City Youth
Norman A. Newberg - Author
Michelle Fine - Foreword by

Tells the story of how two philanthropists promised each of the 112 graduating sixth graders at Belmont Elementary, a school in one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, a fully paid college education to the institution of their choice.

At the June 17, 1987 sixth-grade graduation ceremony at Belmont Elementary, in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, philanthropists George and Diane Weiss promis...(Read More)
Legal Rights, Local Wrongs
Legal Rights, Local Wrongs (September 2001)
When Community Control Collides with Educational Equity
Kevin G. Welner - Author
Jeannie Oakes - Foreword by
Martin Lipton - Foreword by

Shows how education reforms take place within cauldrons of political interests and conflicting values and beliefs.

Based on an examination of four school districts facing the prospect of court-ordered detracking, Legal Rights, Local Wrongs challenges fundamental assumptions about the opportunities for equity-minded educational reform. Welner studied districts across the country in San Jose, California; Wilmington...(Read More)
Education and Democratic Theory
Education and Democratic Theory (April 2001)
Finding a Place for Community Participation in Public School Reform
A. Belden Fields - Author
Walter Feinberg - Author

A ground-breaking look at how access to decision making in the public schools can be extended to all, even previously excluded segments of the community.

2001 AESA Critics' Choice Award

Much has been made of the gap between public schools and the communities that they serve. This book shows how a group of teachers, parents, and community people in “Ed City” formed an edu...(Read More)
Listening to Urban Kids
Listening to Urban Kids (January 2001)
School Reform and the Teachers They Want
Bruce L. Wilson - Author
Dick Corbett - Author

Independent researchers interview urban middle school students to get their impressions of the teachers that help them to succeed in schools.

According to the many student voices in this book, urban middle school students want teachers who "stay on them" to complete their work, maintain orderly classrooms, give them the extra help they need to succeed, explain their work clearly, draw on a variety of teaching strategi...(Read More)
Canal Town Youth
Canal Town Youth (December 2000)
Community Organization and the Development of Adolescent Identity
Julia Hall - Author

A poignant study of how a group of poor white urban youth find respite from poverty, violence, and racism in a local community center.

This book considers how impoverished youth living in a deindustrialized urban neighborhood struggle to make sense of their lives in today's economy. Using participant observation and in-depth interviews with a group of eighteen white middle school girls and boys who walk each day from ...(Read More)
Teachers and Educational Change
Teachers and Educational Change (August 2000)
The Lived Experience of Secondary School Restructuring
James Nolan Jr. - Author
Denise G. Meister - Author

Presents powerful lessons about the realities of school reform by portraying the experiences of five teachers involved in a restructuring initiative.

This book vividly portrays the experiences of five secondary teachers who were involved in a school restructuring initiative that focused on interdisciplinary curriculum development, team teaching, and block scheduling. Though much has been written during the past decade concerning the ne...(Read More)
Codes and Contradictions
Codes and Contradictions (March 2000)
Race, Gender Identity, and Schooling
Jeanne Drysdale Weiler - Author

This in-depth look at a diverse group of young women at an alternative high school illuminates issues of race, class, gender, and identity formation, and shows the enormous power of schools to re-orient young women from school failure to success.

This book examines the variations in the constitution of female gender in a group of young working class women of African American, Latina, U.S., Puerto Rican, and white Europe...(Read More)
Elusive Culture
Elusive Culture (February 2000)
Schooling, Race, and Identity in Global Times
Daniel A. Yon - Author
Stuart Hall - Foreword by

A fascinating ethnographic study of a high school in Toronto, with surprising insights into how these adolescents identify themselves in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

"At one point I thought of myself as a Black person and that limits me because as a Black person there are things that I am suppose[d] to be. So I had to shed that. I am not just Black. I am a woman, and that limits me as well. [But,]if I think that I a...(Read More)
The Cultural Production of the Educated Person
The Cultural Production of the Educated Person (March 1996)
Critical Ethnographies of Schooling and Local Practice
Bradley A. Levinson - Editor
Douglas E. Foley - Editor
Dorothy C. Holland - Editor
Lois Weis - Foreword by

Examines the ways in which cultural practices and knowledges are produced in and out of schools around the world.

"Those of us who do critical ethnographic research must be willing to move across national and international borders to probe further the meaning of our conceptions of schooling as related to the economy, society, and culture. Levinson, Foley, and Holland are the first to my knowledge to put together a volum...(Read More)
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