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Early China/Ancient Greece
Early China/Ancient Greece (February 2002)
Thinking through Comparisons
Steven Shankman - Editor
Stephen W. Durrant - Editor

The first edited volume in Sino-Hellenic studies, this book compares early Chinese and ancient Greek thought and culture.

This pioneering book compares Chinese and Western thought to offer a bracing and unpredictable cross-cultural conversation. The work contributes to the emerging field of Sino-Hellenic studies, which links two great and influential cultures that, in fact, had virtually no contact during the ancient per...(Read More)
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy VI
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy VI (May 2001)
Before Plato
Anthony Preus - Editor

An anthology devoted to the intellectual developments that led up to the philosophy of Plato.

This collection of essays on early Greek philosophy focuses on the natural and moral philosophy and the intellectual developments that led up to the philosophy of Plato. Studies of the philosophies of Anaximander, Zeno of Elea, Empedocles, the Pythagoreans, Atomists, and Sophists are included.

These essays ...(Read More)
The Wisdom of Aristotle
The Wisdom of Aristotle (April 2001)
Carlo Natali - Author
Gerald Parks - Translator

Appearing in English for the first time, this is the definitive scholarly treatment on the role of practical reasoning in ethics.

This is a profound study of Aristotle's concept of phronesis, or practical wisdom. Carlo Natali critically reconsiders Aristotle's famous doctrine of contemplation, relating it to contemporary theories of the good life. In Book X of the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle appears to cl...(Read More)
Anaximander and the Architects
Anaximander and the Architects (January 2001)
The Contributions of Egyptian and Greek Architectural Technologies to the Origins of Greek Philosophy
Robert Hahn - Author

Uses textual and archaeological evidence to argue that emerging Egyptian and Greek architectural technologies were crucial to the origins and development of Greek philosophy.

Anaximander and the Architects opens a previously unexplored avenue into Presocratic philosophy--the technology of monumental architecture. The evidence, coming directly from sixth century b.c.e. building sites and bypassing Aristotle, sho...(Read More)
Aristotle on Political Enmity and Disease
Aristotle on Political Enmity and Disease (November 2000)
An Inquiry into Stasis
Kostas Kalimtzis - Author

Explores Aristotle's theory of the causes that give rise to stasis ('civic disorder'), and provides an original and systematic account of his understanding of political justice and friendship.

This book explores Aristotle's theory of stasis, a word usually translated to mean "revolution," "civic disorder," or "sedition." It examines Aristotle's writings on stasis, especially Book 5 of the Politics, within th...(Read More)
Plato's Socrates as Educator
Plato's Socrates as Educator (October 2000)
Gary Alan Scott - Author

Examines and evaluates Socrates' role as an educator in Plato's dialogues.

Despite his ceaseless efforts to purge his fellow citizens of their unfounded opinions and to bring them to care for what he believes to be the most important things, Plato's Socrates rarely succeeds in his pedagogical project with the characters he encounters. This is in striking contrast to the historical Socrates, who spawned the careers of Plato, Xenophon, a...(Read More)
Aristotle and the Theology of the Living Immortals
Aristotle and the Theology of the Living Immortals (September 2000)
Richard Bodeus - Author
Jan Garrett - Translator

Argues that Aristotle used the most traditional Greek ideas about the gods to develop and defend his physical, metaphysical, and ethical teachings.

This book argues that Aristotle used "the most traditional Greek ideas about the gods" to develop and defend his physical, metaphysical, and ethical teachings. This revolutionary thesis stands in stark contrast to studies of Aristotle's texts that normally portray him as a "natural theologi...(Read More)
Interrogating the Tradition
Interrogating the Tradition (January 2000)
Hermeneutics and the History of Philosophy
Charles E. Scott - Editor
John Sallis - Editor

Constitutes a thoughtful survey of contemporary hermeneutics in its historical context.

Interrogating the Tradition interprets figures in the history of Western thought from a broad, "continental" perspective. Divided into three major sections--hermeneutical thought, Heidegger and the Greeks, and the question of nature in German Idealism--the question of origins is central throughout and takes various shapes, all within the con...(Read More)
Aristotle on Artifacts
Aristotle on Artifacts (September 1999)
A Metaphysical Puzzle
Errol G. Katayama - Author

Investigates Aristotle's views on the ontological status of artifacts in the Metaphysics, with implications for a variety of metaphysical problems.

Previous commentators on the Metaphysics have attributed to Aristotle the belief that all living beings are substances. This book challenges the prevailing view by addressing the question of whether, according to Aristotle, artifacts are substances. By arguing ...(Read More)
Action and Contemplation
Action and Contemplation (August 1999)
Studies in the Moral and Political Thought of Aristotle
Robert C. Bartlett - Editor
Susan D. Collins - Editor

European and North American scholars explore the political philosophy of Aristotle, with particular attention to questions arising from the Politics and the Nicomachean Ethics.

"This book is distinguished from other books sensitive to the connection between Aristotle's Ethics and his Politics in two regards. First, it is a collection of essays by scholars representative of different schools of thought and not a...(Read More)
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