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Presidential Campaign Discourse
Presidential Campaign Discourse (August 1995)
Strategic Communication Problems
Kathleen E. Kendall - Editor

Focuses on strategies for solving communication problems in presidential campaigns.
"This fresh and different book brings current approaches in political communication to bear on the most recent election in a way that makes the field of political communication accessable to non-specialized readers. Kendall not only provides a variety of very insightful analyses of the 1992 election that will certainly enhance the understanding of that ca...(Read More)
Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era (July 1995)
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Robert C. Smith - Author

This book convincingly demonstrates that racism continues to exist in contemporary American society twenty-five years after the civil rights revolution.

"In this insightful book, Robert C. Smith has no reservations about using the 'R' word (racism) as the most accurate label for the still-extensive system of white-generated oppression facing African-Americans. Providing careful, systematic documentation, Smith examines the expre...(Read More)
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