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Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism
Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism (October 1994)
Sandra B. Rosenthal - Author

"I am impressed with the author's adept way of interweaving the diverse threads of Peirce's thought into a coherent thesis: underlying Peirce's idealism, realism, anti-nominalism, phenomenology, metaphysical categories is a commitment to pluralism. This is both an interesting and original way to address Peirce's philosophy." -- Carl R. Hausman, Penn State

"I like the force and subtlety with which Rosenthal makes her case for Peirce's pragma...(Read More)
The Religious Critic in American Culture
The Religious Critic in American Culture (August 1994)
William Dean - Author

Winner of the 1995 American Academy of Religion Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion for the Outstanding Book in Constructive-Reflective Studies

“William Dean has written a powerful book for our time—the best case for serious public intellectuals we have!” — Cornel West, Harvard University

"This book engages the reader in an exploration of a related set of ideas, ideas that are timely, com...(Read More)
Developments in American Sociological Theory, 1915-1950
Developments in American Sociological Theory, 1915-1950 (July 1994)
Roscoe C. Hinkle - Author

This book presents a comprehensive, extended, and systematic analysis of social theory as it developed between the two World Wars, a period during which major transformation occurred. Centering on the continuities, on the one hand, and discontinuities on the other, in substantive theory, it deals with the major ideas of Cooley, Ellwood, Park, Thomas, Ogburn, Bernard, Chapin, Mead, Faris, Hankins, MacIver, Reuter, Lundberg, H. P. Becker, Parsons, Zna...(Read More)
Dyke Ideas
Dyke Ideas (March 1994)
Process, Politics, Daily Life
Joyce Trebilcot - Author

Dyke Ideas is a passionate and insightful contribution to lesbian philosophy. The main value is wimmin--women separate from men and men's inventions. "Craziness," guilt, competition, sex, and other topics are explored in ways that reject male values and move toward wimmin-identified cultures.

Method is central. The authoritarian, God's-eye stance typical of academic writing is disavowed in favor of an approach that denies that others "...(Read More)
Cohesion and Dissent in America
Cohesion and Dissent in America (December 1993)
Carol Colatrella - Editor
Joseph Alkana - Editor

This book addresses one of the most important theories to arise in recent American literary scholarship. Developed over the past two decades, Sacvan Bercovitch's ideas about the relationship of American cultural institutions to voices of dissent have repeatedly posed challenges to pervasive assumptions about American culture and the methods used by cultural critics and literary historians. The contributors to this book respond to different aspect...(Read More)
Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty (November 1993)
Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism
David L. Hall - Author

This book is a discussion of the nature and import of Richard Rorty's philosophy, particularly as it relates to his reevaluation of American pragmatism. Rorty's thinking is assessed within the context of both modern and postmodern intellectual trends, and his thought is contrasted with that of his principal contemporaries in America and Europe, including Donald Davidson, W. V. O. Quine, Jurgen Habermas, Michel Foucault, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques...(Read More)
Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Culture
Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Culture (August 1993)
Pragmatic Essays after Dewey
John J. Stuhr - Editor

"The book is timely and useful, for it brings together some of the best Dewey scholars and focuses on an issue not only at the center of Dewey's concern but also in need of the serious, sustained, and systematic attention it receives here." -- Vincent M. Colapietro, Fordham University

"This is a near uniformly excellent collection of essays, which does more than merely interpret classical American philosophy but brings that tradition t...(Read More)
Everyday Spirits
Everyday Spirits (July 1993)
David Appelbaum - Author

"Appelbaum is creating a whole arena of inquiry by bringing serious and beautiful metaphysical ideas into relationship with everyday life and things. In its quiet way, it is a pioneering work, potentially quite important.
The freshness and combination of philosophy and poetry make it original, bold, and gentle." -- Jacob Needleman

"This is a book of remarkable tenderness and depth. It explores through the usually unnotic...(Read More)
Reinhold Niebuhr and John Dewey
Reinhold Niebuhr and John Dewey (April 1993)
An American Odyssey
Daniel F. Rice - Author

Reinhold Niebuhr and John Dewey frequently have been identified as the most influential American philosophers of their respective times. Although their direct contact in print and in political action was marginal, their substantive conflict over such issues as religion, naturalism, the liberal tradition, and democracy both reflected and shaped much of America's inner dialogue from 1932 to mid-century and beyond. In this intriguing book, Daniel Ric...(Read More)
Founders of Constructive Postmodern Philosophy
Founders of Constructive Postmodern Philosophy (December 1992)
Peirce, James, Bergson, Whitehead, and Hartshorne
David Ray Griffin - Author
John B. Cobb Jr. - Author
Marcus P. Ford - Author
Pete A. Y. Gunter - Author
Peter Ochs - Author

"The work is useful, not only for its exploration of the theme of constructive postmodernism, but also for its presentation of the thought of some of the most important nineteenth and twentieth century philosophers. Each thinker is fascinating in his own right, and the chapters bring out intriguing, provocative aspects of the ideas of each with exceptional force and clarity.

"The topic of constructive postmodernism is highly significant, n...(Read More)
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