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The Politics of Public Memory
The Politics of Public Memory (July 1993)
Tourism, History, and Ethnicity in Monterey, California
Martha K. Norkunas - Author

This book examines American public culture and the means by which communities in the U.S. reconstruct the past and reinterpret the present in the development of tourism. Norkunas shows how public culture is not confined to just museums or monuments, but can be constructed on many different levels and in different settings, such as community ethnicity, natural setting (environment), literary landscape, and history. In her case study of Monterey, th...(Read More)
Expanding the American Dream
Expanding the American Dream (February 1993)
Building and Rebuilding Levittown
Barbara M. Kelly - Author

Much has been written about the housing policies of the Depression and the Postwar period. Much less has been written of the houses built as a result of these policies, or the lives of the families who lived in them. Using the houses of Levittown, Long Island, as cultural artifacts, this book examines the relationship between the government-sponsored, mass-produced housing built after World War II, the families who lived in it, and the society tha...(Read More)
Profits, Power, and Prohibition
Profits, Power, and Prohibition (August 1989)
American Alcohol Reform and the Industrializing of America, 1800-1930
John J. Rumbarger - Author

This is the first comprehensive study of America's anti-liquor/anti-drug movement from its origins in the late eighteenth century through the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1933. It examines the role that capitalism played in defining and shaping this reform movement.

Rumbarger challenges conventional explanations of the history of this movement and offers compelling counter-arguments to explain the movement's historical development. H...(Read More)
Society and Family Strategy
Society and Family Strategy (July 1987)
Erie County, New York 1850-1920
Mark J. Stern - Author

Using one of the largest quantitative data bases ever compiled on a single representative community, Stern explains and substantiates the reasons for the decline of the fertility rate during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He integrates demographic and social history to determine the implications of this aspect of the modernization of America. Society and Family Strategy describes the impact of capitalism, and changing class a...(Read More)
Uncle Sam's Family
Uncle Sam's Family (June 1985)
Issues and Perspectives on American Demographic History
Robert Wells - Author

This work introduces readers to the basics of demographic history, touching on issues of interest to anyone concerned with understanding how we have come to live as we do and what the future may bring. It also focuses directly on matters of birth, death, and migration. Uncle Sam's Family shows readers why historians, and others, have become interested in these topics, how they are studied, and what are some of the most intriguing recent findi...(Read More)
Mistress of Evergreen Plantation
Mistress of Evergreen Plantation (June 1984)
Rachel O'Connor's Legacy of Letters, 1823-1845
Allie B. Windham Webb - Editor

These 157 never-before-published letters were written by Rachel O'Connor of Evergreen Plantation in the Feliciana country of Louisiana to her brother David Weeks and his family at their home, Shadows-on-the-Teche, in the bayou country. They span a period of twenty-two years, providing valuable information on early plantation life, society, and economics.

Rachel was born in 1774 at a time of great change in America. The customs of the French a...(Read More)
The Remaking of Pittsburgh
The Remaking of Pittsburgh (June 1984)
Class and Culture in an Industrializing City, 1877-1919
Francis G. Couvares - Author

What forces transformed a community in which industrial workers and other citizens exercised a real measure of power over their lives into a metropolis whose inhabitants were utterly dependent on Big Steel? How did a city that fervidly embraced the labor struggle of 1877 turn into the city which so fiercely repudiated the labor struggle of 1919?

The Remaking of Pittsburgh is the history of this transformation. The cu...(Read More)
True Sisterhood
True Sisterhood (June 1984)
Michigan Women and Their Kin, 1820-1920
Marilyn F. Motz - Author

"Home and family," for a woman of the nineteenth century, represented a sphere much broader than the term implies today. A woman's duties as sister and daughter continued, basically unchanged, even after she had assumed the roles of wife and mother. This created a female-centered kin network which went far beyond the fragile nuclear family, and which insured lifelong security in what men and women viewed as an essentially hostile world.

The...(Read More)
A Moral Response to Industrialism
A Moral Response to Industrialism (June 1983)
The Lectures of Reverend Cook in Lynn, Massachusetts
John T. Cumbler - Author

In the 1870s and 1880s, Joseph Cook was a fiery young congregational minister in the industrial town of Lynn, Massachusetts. His extraordinarily successful series of "music hall" lectures on factory reform and industrialism earned him renown as an articulate spokesman for the troubled middle class in the industrializing Northeast.

The lectures touch on such topics as child labor, social control, urbanization, the theater and the press--with ...(Read More)
Family and Divorce in California, 1850-1890
Family and Divorce in California, 1850-1890 (June 1983)
Victorian Illusions and Everyday Realities
Robert L. Griswold - Author

Few of the men and women who came to California after the discovery of gold had the opportunity or the inclination to record their thoughts about family life. Their family experience, like that of most nineteenth-century Americans, is obscured by time and an absence of sources.

Family and Divorce in California succeeds in reconstructing the private world of farmers, laborers, small-town merchants tradesmen, and housewives through an e...(Read More)
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