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A Passionate Life
A Passionate Life (September 2022)
W. H. H.. Murray, from Preacher to Progressive
Randall S. Beach - Author

The first full biography of W. H. H. Murray (1849-1904), a Boston preacher often described as the father of the American outdoor movement and the modern vacation.

One hundred fifty years ago, the Adirondack Mountains were overrun. Thousands of middle-class urbanites from Boston and New York City abandoned the comfort of their homes and rushed into the unknown, northern wilderness, ...(Read More)
Dear Uncles
Dear Uncles (September 2022)
The Civil War Letters of Arthur McKinstry, a Soldier in the Excelsior Brigade
Rick Barram - Editor

A New York soldier's eyewitness account of life in the first year of the Civil War, from the campgrounds to the battlefields.

Dear Uncles is one young man's story from the beginning of the American Civil War. Taken from letters sent home to family and friends, including correspondence written for his uncles' local newspaper, this book gives an intimate portrait of Arthur McK...(Read More)
Replanting Cultures
Replanting Cultures (September 2022)
Community-Engaged Scholarship in Indian Country
Chief Benjamin J. Barnes - Editor
Stephen Warren - Editor

Stories, Streets, and Saints
Stories, Streets, and Saints (September 2022)
Photographs and Oral Histories from Boston's North End
Anthony V. Riccio - Author
Nicholas Dello Russo - Foreword by
James Pasto - Epilogue by

The Sea Lions
The Sea Lions (September 2022)
Or, The Lost Sealers
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
James P. Elliott - Historical introduction and text
Lance Schachterle - Historical introduction and text
R. D. Madison - Explanatory notes

An exciting adventure tale of sealers caught in the Antarctic ice in the early nineteenth century and forced to winter over in extreme conditions.

The Sea Lions (1849) is the twelfth and last of Cooper's sea novels, a genre he largely invented. Drawing upon memories from nearly three decades earlier of his own ventures in whaling and his reviews of accounts of exploring and ...(Read More)
Truly Blessed and Highly Favored
Truly Blessed and Highly Favored (September 2022)
A Memoir
H. Carl McCall - Author
Paul Grondahl - With

Empire Imagined
Empire Imagined (August 2022)
The Personality of American Power, Volume One
Giselle Frances Donnelly - Author

Examines the deep roots of the American way of war.

The origins of the United States' distinct approach to war and military power are found in the colonial experience. Long before 1776 or 1619, Englishmen understood themselves to be a part of a larger, lost "British" empire that might disappear forever in the globe-girdling shadow of the Spanish Hapsburgs and their drive to extirpa...(Read More)
Resist, Organize, Build
Resist, Organize, Build (August 2022)
Feminist and Queer Activism in Britain and the United States during the Long 1980s
Sarah Crook - Editor
Charlie Jeffries - Editor

Juxtaposes feminist and queer activism in Britain and the United States in the face of resurgent conservatism during the 1980s.

The 1980s was a period of political and social tumult in Britain and the United States. Facing resurgent conservative forces, feminist and queer activists organized in ways that not only resisted conservative hegemony but also helped to forge new communiti...(Read More)
Smooth Operating and Other Social Acts
Smooth Operating and Other Social Acts (July 2022)
Roland Leander Williams - Author

An engaging homage to African American resilience and resourcefulness in US literature and culture.

Through a cultural study of writings about slavery in the United States, Smooth Operating and Other Social Acts uncovers a mode of behavior adopted by African Americans for relief from the brutality of black bondage. Roland Leander Williams grants that African Americans have b...(Read More)
Home as Found
Home as Found (June 2022)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Stephen Carl Arch - Historical introduction, notes, and text

A novel of manners set in the drawing rooms, ballrooms, and Wall Street offices in 1830s New York, dramatizing conflicts that we are still grappling with nearly two hundred years later.

Within months of publishing Homeward Bound, James Fenimore Cooper continued that story in a second, stand-alone novel, Home as Found. One of the most important of his long career, H...(Read More)
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