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So You Want to Be In Government?
So You Want to Be In Government? (December 2000)
A Handbook for Appointed Officials In America's Governments
Richard P. Nathan - Author

In American governments, unlike in other countries, there are thick layers of officials who serve on a short-term basis as high officials in appointive offices. Thousands of people serve in these roles. They are “inners and outers” who serve “at the pleasure” of the officials who appointed them.

This small book, really a long essay, is intended to inform people who should be interested in these exciting, challenging leadership ...(Read More)
Social Science in Government
Social Science in Government (July 2000)
The Role of Policy Researchers
Richard P. Nathan - Author

This book presents a lively retrospective account of a career as an inner and outer in American government and academe by a social scientist who has spent many years conducting evaluation studies of what works and what doesn’t work in domestic public affairs. It uses rich histories of prominent policy issues and descriptions of major studies of welfare and job programs to bring to life crucial questions about how social science can best serve social...(Read More)
Politics and Constitutionalism
Politics and Constitutionalism (May 2000)
The Louis Fisher Connection
Robert J. Spitzer - Editor

Examines the work of Louis Fisher, renowned scholar of constitutional law and politics.

Politics and Constitutionalism presents a collection of eight original essays by leading political science and law scholars, organized to recognize and analyze Louis Fisher's prolific and important body of work. The essays explore the role of all three branches of government in shaping constitutional meaning and institutional behavior, noting...(Read More)
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations (August 1999)
A Multiple Perspective Approach
Steven A. Shull - Author
Thomas C. Shaw - Author

CHOICE 2000 Outstanding Academic Book
Provides a multivariate analysis of presidential-congressional interaction.

Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations examines government activities involving direct interactions between presidents and Congress and considers whether they are influenced by executive, legislative, and/or exogenous factors. The book encompasses presidential position taking on legislative votes...(Read More)
God Versus Caesar
God Versus Caesar (May 1999)
Belief, Worship, and Proselytizing under the First Amendment
Martin S. Sheffer - Author

God Versus Caesar reviews and analyses the judicial development of the free exercise of religion clause, from its protection for belief and certain forms of worship to its guarantee of religiously motivated behavior. This book also provides guidelines for the future direction of judicial review in free exercise cases and examines law as it develops in response to changing social values and policy. Sheffer answers how, where, and why lines are...(Read More)
Representing Popular Sovereignty
Representing Popular Sovereignty (March 1999)
The Constitution in American Political Culture
Daniel Lessard Levin - Author

Explores the contradiction between the Constitution's importance as a political document with its weakness as a symbol in American popular culture.

Using the events of the Constitution's Bicentennial from 1987 to 1991 as a case study, Representing Popular Sovereignty explores the contradiction between the Constitution's importance as a political document and its weakness as a symbol in American popular culture....(Read More)
Implementing the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996
Implementing the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996 (January 1999)
A First Look
Richard P. Nathan - Author
Thomas L. Gais - Author

Examines the implementation of the 1996 national welfare reform act and summarizes field-research findings.

Focusing on what happens to national policies after they are made, the authors discover that there are surprises in the implementation of the 1996 Personal Responsibility Act and its connections to other social agencies and programs. Bureaucracies typically don’t change this much and this fast. Why did it happen this time around?...(Read More)
The Day After Reform
The Day After Reform (November 1997)
Sobering Campaign Finance Lessons from the American States
Michael J. Malbin - Author
Thomas L. Gais - Author

Utilizing surveys, reports, and interviews, looks at the states to see how campaign finance reforms have worked out in fact, after organizations have had a chance to adapt to them.

For more than twenty-five years, campaign finance reform has been based on assumptions that no longer match the realities of modern campaigning. Despite this, many of the supposedly new proposals on the national agenda continue to be based ...(Read More)
Transforming Democracy
Transforming Democracy (August 1995)
Legislative Campaign Committees and Political Parties
Daniel M. Shea - Author

Examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees in the U. S., which are quickly becoming the dominant force in state politics, and explores their relationship with traditional party organizations.
This book examines the emergence of state-level legislative campaign committees (LCCs) and their relationship with traditional political party organizations. Now found in 40 states, LCCs provide extensive campaign services ...(Read More)
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