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Emily Dickinson, Woman of Letters
Emily Dickinson, Woman of Letters (July 1993)
Poems and Centos From Lines in Emily Dickinson's Letters
Lewis Turco - Author

"The book insists that we reintegrate our experience of poetry and this poet, Emily Dickinson. The fusion of art--superb original poetry--with deeply informed criticism is the book's outstanding characteristic. It is beautifully written by all hands." -- H. R. Coursen, Bowdoin College

Buried in Emily Dickinson's letters are many lines that are stunningly beautiful, as beautiful as any to be found in her poems. Lewis Turco has taken some of...(Read More)
Charles Burchfield's Journals
Charles Burchfield's Journals (November 1992)
The Poetry of Place
Charles Burchfield - Author
J. Benjamin Townsend - Editor

The personal journals of Charles Burchfield reveal the unique vision and approach to life that established him as America's preeminent watercolorist and painter of nature. When he died in 1967 at the age of seventy-three, Burchfield had filled sixty-seven bound notebooks with his personal entries, comprising some 10,000 pages. He included sketches, doodles, quotations, clippings, weather notes, and other marginalia and insertions offering a rare g...(Read More)
The Art of John Gardner
The Art of John Gardner (October 1992)
Instruction and Exploration
Per Winther - Author

"There is a great deal to like about this work. First, it takes an honest and forthright stance in regard to On Moral Fiction. Second, Winther provides the philosophical background--Darwin, Whitehead, Collingwood, Blanshard, and Croce--to help us see the argument Gardner was trying to develop in On Moral Fiction. Third, Winther, more than any other scholar, has investigated Gardner's other critical and scholarly writings on medieval...(Read More)
Revelations of Self
Revelations of Self (July 1990)
American Women in Autobiography
Lois J. Fowler - Editor
David H. Fowler - Editor

These autobiographies illustrate the emergence of American women from their traditional position of dependence and legal and social inequality. Here are five women of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: Anna Cora Mowatt, a well-known playwright and popular actress; Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a prominent leader of the first women's rights movement; Harriet Jacobs, an escaped slave; Mary Antin, a Russian Jew who emigrated with her family to t...(Read More)
The Woman in the Mountain
The Woman in the Mountain (January 1989)
Reconstructions of Self and Land by Adirondack Women Writers
Kate H. Winter - Author

Examines the works of seven Adirondack writers.

This book is the first to examine the literary responses of women who lived a significant part of their lives in the Adirondacks. Through the works of seven Adirondack writers, it creates literary and theoretical contexts for these authors by focusing on the links between the landscape and the female imagination. Such an inquiry links this study with Annette Kolodny's ...(Read More)
Discoveries and Considerations
Discoveries and Considerations (June 1976)
Papers on Early American Literature and Aesthetics Presented to Harold Jantz
Calvin Israel - Editor

Examines various aspects of the history and criticism of early American literature.

A collection of eight essays focusing on early American poetry, aesthetics, intellectual history, biography, and literary history. Poets of the American Baroque and selected seventeenth-century writers are analyzed, sources and influences on early American painting and theatre are explored, and finally, Thomas Morton is traced as...(Read More)
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