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The Making of Modern Libya
The Making of Modern Libya (March 1994)
State Formation, Colonization, and Resistance, 1830-1932
Ali Abdullatif Ahmida - Author

"The question of civil society in the Islamic world and the relationship of state to society in the pre-colonial era is coming to be a central concern in the field. I think this book targets very well many concerns both in English-language and Arabic-language historiography about what we know of the 'pre-modern' or at least pre-colonial world. This book has an important contribution to make to contemporary academic and political discourse." -- E...(Read More)
Class and Power in Sudan
Class and Power in Sudan (August 1987)
The Dynamics of Sudanese Politics, 1898-1985
Tim Niblock - Author

With the attention of the industrialized world focused on the political, economic, and social strife of Africa, Tim Niblock travels to Sudan for a first-hand investigation of the socio-economic structure of that continent's largest country. His findings hold significant implications for the wider context of Africa, the Arab countries, and the Third World. His is a systematic and comprehensive study of Sudanese politics. A country with immense ...(Read More)
Black Consciousness in South Africa
Black Consciousness in South Africa (January 1986)
The Dialectics of Ideological Resistance to White Supremacy
Robert Fatton Jr. - Author

Black Consciousness in South Africa provides a new perspective on black politics in South Africa. It demonstrates and assesses critically the radical character and aspirations of African resistance to white minority rule.

Robert Fatton analyzes the development and radicalization of South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement from its inception in the late 1960s to its banning in 1977. He rejects the widely accept...(Read More)
Electricity, Industry and Class in South Africa
Electricity, Industry and Class in South Africa (June 1985)
Renfrew Christie - Author

The Igbo-Igala Borderland
The Igbo-Igala Borderland (June 1971)
Religion and Social Control in Indigenous African Colonialism
Austin J. Shelton - Author

This ethno-historical survey of the northern Nsukka borderland examines particularly one method of African colonial control. When, in the late eighteenth century, the Igala conquered the indigenous Igbo, they gained and held social control through monopoly of certain religious positions. However, despite conscious effort to maintain Igala religious lineages, these gradually became Igbonized. In delineating this religious-social control, Professor Sh...(Read More)
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