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Black Political Mobilization, Leadership, Power and Mass Behavior
Black Political Mobilization, Leadership, Power and Mass Behavior (August 1987)
Minion K. C. Morrison - Author

Black Political Mobilization accounts for the political success of black Americans in the South. Minion Morrison returns to Mississippi, the center of much of the political activism of the 1960s, to analyze the remarkable improvement in black electoral participation in the years following passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Mississippi's substantial black population has experienced marked electoral success ...(Read More)
Out of the Crucible
Out of the Crucible (September 1986)
Black Steel Workers in Western Pennsylvania, 1875-1980
Dennis C. Dickerson - Author

This book examines in depth the century-long struggle of Black laborers in the iron and steel industry of western Pennsylvania. In the process it shows how the fate of these Black workers mirrors the contemporary predicament of the Black working class and the development of a chronically unemployed underclass in America's declining industrial centers. Dickerson argues that persistent racial discrimination within heavy industry and the decline of m...(Read More)
Black and Red
Black and Red (November 1985)
W. E. B. Du Bois and the Afro-American Response to the Cold War, 1944-1963
Gerald Horne - Author

Many historians have seen a radical shift in W.E.B. Du Bois' political activities in his later years. Following World War II, the evolution of his political perspective led to his ouster from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, where he had worked for years, and the Justice Department's indictment of him for failure to register as a foreign agent. In this extensively researched study, Gerald Horne shows that Du Bois' la...(Read More)
Invisible Politics
Invisible Politics (June 1985)
Black Political Behavior
Hanes Walton Jr. - Author

With a view that behavioralism has distorted perceptions of black political activity, Hanes Walton, Jr., here reformulates the assumptions of behavioralism to arrive at a more realistic understanding of the political actions of black Americans. Considering the cultural and historical events that have shaped black lives, Walton examines voting patterns, socialization, and the development of political opinion. his analysis of leadership includes not o...(Read More)
Go, Tell Michelle
Go, Tell Michelle
African American Women Write to the First Lady, Audiobook, Unabridged and Expanded
Barbara A. Seals Nevergold - Editor
Peggy Brooks-Bertram - Editor

Passionate, shattering, and tender, this astonishing audiobook gathers together letters to Michelle Obama, written by African American and African women. Responding to a call from the Uncrowned Queens Institute in Buffalo, New York, hundreds of African American women shared their hopes, fears, and advice with the First Lady. Their letters and poems signal an unprecedented moment in our nation’s history and a remarkable opportunity for Africa...(Read More)
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