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Black Resistance in High School
Black Resistance in High School (March 1992)
Forging a Separatist Culture
R. Patrick Solomon - Author

This book investigates and brings into focus the formidable issues of racial culture left undeveloped in research on multiracial school populations in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Through ethnographic research, the author presents significant and provocative insight into the formation of black self-concept, and captures the complex interplay between black students' accommodation to the official achievement ideology and their resistance t...(Read More)
Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans
Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans (October 1991)
A Reconsideration of Race and Economics
John Sibley Butler - Author

In this book, author John Sibley Butler traces the unique development of business enterprises and other community organizations among Black Americans from before the Civil War into the present. He compares these efforts to other strong traditions of self-help among groups such as Japanese-Americans, Jewish Americans, and Greek-Americans. The author also shows how the higher education of Black children is already a valued tradition among Black self...(Read More)
College in Black and White
College in Black and White (July 1991)
African American Students in Predominantly White and in Historically Black Public Universities
Walter R. Allen - Editor
Edgar G. Epps - Editor
Nesha Z. Haniff - Editor

"The National Study of Black College Students (NSBCS) is the most comprehensive data base on Black college students that has been collected. This book presents in one volume several major studies using this rich data base and ties them together with a theoretical and methodological overview. Its strength lies in its comprehensiveness, its impressive richness of data, and its keen insights into the differences between Black students' experiences and ...(Read More)
From TB to AIDS
From TB to AIDS (July 1991)
Epidemics among Urban Blacks since 1900
David McBride - Author

There are three things which stand out about this book: first is its breadth -- this book is noteworthy as the first major attempt to write a comprehensive social history of twentieth-century American medicine and public health as they relate to the African American community. Second is the author's extensive use of previously untapped documents and archives. Finally, the book is rich in detail.

"Without doubt this book will be one of the ...(Read More)
Stress and Adaptation in the Context of Culture
Stress and Adaptation in the Context of Culture (January 1991)
Depression in a Southern Black Community
William W. Dressler - Author

This book provides a unique study in social and cultural psychiatry, carried out in an African-American community in the rural South. Using a combination of concepts and methods from anthropology and social epidemiology, the specific social and psychological risk factors for depression are examined. The author places special emphasis on how that risk is modified by the social and historical context of the Black community in the United States, and ...(Read More)
Going to School
Going to School (September 1990)
The African-American Experience
Kofi Lomotey - Editor

In this ground-breaking book, noted scholars/educators respond to the persistent, pervasive and disproportionate underachievement of African-American students in public schools. In the process, they illustrate various aspects of the dilemma with a wide range of views and address the complexity of the topic by including a consideration of the factors that impact upon the academic achievement of African-American students. Lomotey considers the impl...(Read More)
Race, Place, and Risk
Race, Place, and Risk (August 1990)
Black Homicide in Urban America
Harold M. Rose - Author
Paula D. McClain - Author

Based on data from some of the larger black communities in the U.S., this book shows the impact of both individual and environmental influences on black homicide. While it primarily addresses black-on-black homicide, its purpose is to illustrate the effect of the environment on increasing the likelihood of victimization. Race, Place, and Risk demonstrates how changes in the urban economy during the past twenty-five years have played a major r...(Read More)
The Harlem Fox
The Harlem Fox (December 1988)
J. Raymond Jones and Tammany, 1920-1970
John C. Walter - Author

"I became fascinated with the political career of J. Raymond Jones. The book contains important inside information on Black politics in New York. I gained new insights into Jones's role in the promotion of political careers of individuals such as Adam Clayton Powell and Constance Baker Motley. This book provides the first opportunity for researchers on ethnic politics to compare the factors central to the shaping of the political careers of Black po...(Read More)
When the Marching Stopped
When the Marching Stopped (July 1988)
The Politics of Civil Rights Regulatory Agencies
Hanes Walton Jr. - Author

This book takes the "next step" in the study of the civil rights movement in the United States. To date, the vast majority of books on the civil rights movement have analyzed either the origins and philosophies, or the strategies and tactics of the movement. When the Marching Stopped is the first comprehensive and systematic study of the various civil rights regulatory agencies created under Titles VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. ...(Read More)
Black Presidential Politics in America
Black Presidential Politics in America (January 1988)
A Strategic Approach
Ronald W. Walters - Author

This book focuses exclusively on the question of how Blacks have used presidential elections to exercise political influence. Setting forth the argument that Blacks use the electoral system differently from other groups to achieve their social, political, and economic goals, the work analyzes the tactics employed. It looks at Black participation in the politics of the primaries, party conventions, and the general elections, showing that what happens...(Read More)
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