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Constructing Female Identities
Constructing Female Identities (April 1998)
Meaning Making in an Upper Middle Class Youth Culture
Amira Proweller - Author

An insightful, and often surprising, look at adolescent girls' socialization in a historically elite, private, single-sex high school.

"Constructing Female Identities: Meaning Making in an Upper Middle Class Youth Culture is an extraordinary piece of work. Not only does Amira Proweller push our theoretical understanding of identity production in schools, but she adds greatly to our knowledge of what actually happe...(Read More)
Where "Something Catches" (October 1995)
Work, Love, and Identity in Youth
Victoria I. Munoz - Author

Helps people working with youth think in new ways about the relationships between work, love, and identity and how these interact within the socio-political processes of class, race, gender, and sexuality.

"This book offers stunning insights into the formation of identity. In a language that is at once Munoz's own--even as she acknowledges and extends the languages of others (notably women theorists of color, artists, po...(Read More)
Care and Commitment
Care and Commitment (November 1985)
Foster Parent Adoption Decisions
William Meezan - Editor
Joan F. Shireman - Editor

Care and Commitment is the first book to address the growing issue of foster parent adoption. Meezan and Shireman go directly to the source to find out why some foster parents, when given the opportunity, choose to adopt the children in their care while others do not. Differences between the two sets of families are explored in terms of family characteristics, child characteristics, family-child interaction, and child welfare agency service...(Read More)
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