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Fighting for Girls
Fighting for Girls (September 2010)
New Perspectives on Gender and Violence
Meda Chesney-Lind - Editor
Nikki Jones - Editor

Cutting-edge research into trends and social contexts of girls’ violence.

Have girls really gone wild? Despite the media fascination with “bad girls,” facts beyond the hype have remained unclear. Fighting for Girls focuses on these facts, and using the best data available about actual trends in girls’ uses of violence, the scholars here find that by virtually any measur...(Read More)
The Culture of Teenage Mothers
The Culture of Teenage Mothers (November 2009)
Joanna Gregson - Author

Explores teen mothers’ perceptions of their situations and the social stigma that affects them.

Society stigmatizes teen pregnancy, but most teenage mothers keep their babies and many regard their pregnancies as the best thing that ever happened to them. In this book, Joanna Gregson explores teen mothers’ shared culture: how they perceive their situations and how they experience stigma. Drawing from four...(Read More)
Student Voice in School Reform
Student Voice in School Reform (February 2008)
Building Youth-Adult Partnerships That Strengthen Schools and Empower Youth
Dana L. Mitra - Author

Examines a high school that sought to increase student participation in its reform process.

High schools continue to be places that isolate, alienate, and disengage students. But what would happen if students were viewed as part of the solution in schools rather than part of the problem? This book examines the emergence of “student voice” at one high school in the San Francisco Bay area where educat...(Read More)

The Gift of Education
The Gift of Education (October 2005)
How a Tuition Guarantee Program Changed the Lives of Inner-City Youth
Norman A. Newberg - Author
Michelle Fine - Foreword by

Tells the story of how two philanthropists promised each of the 112 graduating sixth graders at Belmont Elementary, a school in one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, a fully paid college education to the institution of their choice.

At the June 17, 1987 sixth-grade graduation ceremony at Belmont Elementary, in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, philanthropists George and Diane Weiss promis...(Read More)
Girls' Violence
Girls' Violence (August 2004)
Myths and Realities
Christine Alder - Editor
Anne Worrall - Editor

A critical look at the perceived increase in girls' violence from a range of disciplinary and geographical perspectives.

This critical collection brings together some of the best contemporary research on the perceived increase in girls' violence. With perspectives from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the work challenges official definitions and media representations of girls and violence. Co...(Read More)
Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity
Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity (February 2002)
Applications and Interventions
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor

Addresses adolescent identity issues and suggests practical approaches to facilitate development and adjustment.

What are the major self and identity concerns for early adolescents? What are the applications and interventions that can address those concerns, helping to ease the transition into later adolescence and adulthood? Providing a broad and interdisciplinary approach to studying the self, the contributors emphasiz...(Read More)
Constructing Race
Constructing Race (August 2001)
Youth, Identity, and Popular Culture in South Africa
Nadine E. Dolby - Author
Cameron McCarthy - Foreword by

For modern urban South African youth, the concept of "race" persists and falters.

As apartheid crumbled in South Africa, racial identity was thrown into question. Based on a year-long ethnographic study of a multiracial high school in Durban, this book explores how youth make meaning of the still powerful, yet changing, idea of race. In a world saturated with media images and global commodities, fashion and music become charged, polari...(Read More)
Canal Town Youth
Canal Town Youth (December 2000)
Community Organization and the Development of Adolescent Identity
Julia Hall - Author

A poignant study of how a group of poor white urban youth find respite from poverty, violence, and racism in a local community center.

This book considers how impoverished youth living in a deindustrialized urban neighborhood struggle to make sense of their lives in today's economy. Using participant observation and in-depth interviews with a group of eighteen white middle school girls and boys who walk each day from ...(Read More)
Landscapes of Betrayal, Landscapes of Joy
Landscapes of Betrayal, Landscapes of Joy (April 2000)
Curtisville in the Lives of its Teenagers
Herb Childress - Author

Looks at how teenagers in one small town use spaces and give value and meaning to specific places.
Landscapes of Betrayal, Landscapes of Joy provides a rare glimpse into the world of teenagers, from beach parties to bedrooms, from the math class to the midnight movies. In this fascinating ethnography, Herb Childress demonstrates how our buildings and landscapes (and the institutions that shape them) systematically shortchange our k...(Read More)
Adolescent Development and Rapid Social Change
Adolescent Development and Rapid Social Change (March 2000)
Perspectives from Eastern Europe
Judith L. Van Hoorn - Author
Akos Komlosi - Author
Elzbieta Suchar - Author
Doreen A. Samelson - Author

Hungarian and Polish adolescents discuss the recent social, political, and economic transitions in their countries and how these events have impacted their communities, homes, and personal lives.

In times of dramatic social changes, adolescents are the last children of the old system and the first adults of the new. The Hungarian and Polish adolescents documented in this book can be considered the omega-alpha generation of the great so...(Read More)
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