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Watch Me Trick Ghosts
Watch Me Trick Ghosts (November 2021)
Robert Krut - Author

Strangers and spirits intersect between surreal city streets and tactile dreams in this fourth collection from the award-winning poet.

In Watch Me Trick Ghosts, Robert Krut reveals a city weaving between a surreal consciousnesses and concrete imagination, where speakers are fully aware that "the scars of the world are turning neon" ("Accidental Light"). Among them, spirits h...(Read More)
Sole Impression
Sole Impression (September 2021)
Barry Sternlieb - Author

New poems by the author of Winter Crows.

It takes shape
as flocks
rising up
stop us cold to watch
their dark bond
with dawn
become grounds
for going, a presence
born again
in every sense
when winds spread
the word
and brown fields bristle like
dense fur
down the back
of the earth.
— from "November"

...(Read More)
Sweet Ride
Sweet Ride (August 2021)
Bruce Craven - Author

As the '90s spiral towards the new century, a Manhattan nightlife ingenue and her gritty East Village dive-bar crowd fight long odds to win at love, friendship, and ambition.

Enter the fairy-tale of pre-dawn Fifth Avenue, as '90s nightlife ingenue Lilly Lejeune strolls past Tiffany's. Her plan is to live her own best version of the iconic Manhattan film Breakfast at Tiffany's...(Read More)
Fried Goldfinch
Fried Goldfinch (April 2021)
Sarah Mead Wyman - Author

A volume of lyric poetry including ekphrastic works, animal poems, life studies, and found objects.

A rough-sketched line, a tin's sharp edge

delineates the domain

of a lonely sardine who misses her erstwhile mates.

As oil soothes the rounded corners,

she awaits the cracker or cat's crunch.

— Excerpt from "Sardine"

...(Read More)
Forty Two Greens
Forty Two Greens (August 2020)
Poems of Chonggi Mah
Youngshil Cho - Translator

The poems in this book, by the way they speak to all parts of our minds, invite us to come alive and experience each movement, each emotion and action, and some statements therein, intuitively and aesthetically.

This is about a Korean man’s everyday life in the milieu of contemporary America; his struggle to find meaning in his immigrant life, in his vocation as a medical doctor, a...(Read More)
Muddy Dragon on the Road to Heaven
Muddy Dragon on the Road to Heaven (August 2020)
Grant Clauser - Author

Poems that explore social and ecological struggles, personal and public nostalgia, family and solitude and seek to balance it all with hope.

Winner of the Codhill Press Pauline Uchmanowicz Poetry Award, this collection of poetry explores social and ecological struggles, personal and public nostalgia, family and solitude and seek to balance it all with hope.

...(Read More)
Opening to the Real
Opening to the Real (August 2020)
Frank R. Sinclair - Author

Recollections and reflections that introduce the reader to the equivalent of the practice of the presence of God.

With this collection of writings, author Frank R. Sinclair strikes a contemplative note, necessary for our times. Through a series of recollections and reflections—in part inspired by the spiritual discipline lived by his late wife, Beatrice Sinclair—he introduces the ...(Read More)
Tales from the Temple
Tales from the Temple (November 2019)
A Collection of Zen Prose Poems Translated from the Korean
Oh-hyun Cho - Author
Heinz Insu Fenkl - Translator

A collection of prose poems by Musan Cho Oh-hyun (1932–2018), celebrated poet-monk of the Nine Mountain school of Korean Zen.

In this collection of prose poems, Musan Cho Oh-hyun, renowned abbot of Baekdamsa, one of Korea’s central Zen temples, innovates on a millenia-old Buddhist literary tradition going back to Buddhist classics like the Biographies of Eminent Monks. Tales from the Temple not only p...(Read More)
The Catcher in the Loft
The Catcher in the Loft (October 2019)
Un-yŏng Ch’ŏn - Author
Bruce Fulton - Translator
Ju-Chan Fulton - Translator

A novel of political intrigue and coming of age, centered in a torture operative who is a fugitive and his unsuspecting daughter who must shelter him.

Inspired by the case of a torture specialist in 1980s South Korea who from 1988 to 2000 was a fugitive in his own house, The Catcher in the Loft (published in South Korea in 2011 as Saenggang) is in equal parts a portrait of a man coming to terms with his notorious p...(Read More)
In the Region of the Heart
In the Region of the Heart (July 2019)
A Collection of Written Fragments, 2018
Jack Cain - Author

An exploration of states of consciousness as well as journeys in the imaginal realm.

Most of these “fragments” were written by Jack Cain in group poetry sessions he was facilitating. The sessions were designed to be an exploration of the distinction between material arising from the subconscious mind as opposed to material arising from our ordinary consciousness. This direction came from G. I. Gurdjieff’s startling and...(Read More)
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