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How Mockingbirds Are
How Mockingbirds Are (June 2011)
O'odham Ritual Orations
Donald Bahr - Author

Brilliant analysis of the power of ritual orations in a southwestern American Indian community.

The mediation of mockingbirds and the enduring significance of indigenous ceremonial speeches are deftly revealed in this brilliant analysis of ritual orations created and delivered by the O’odham people (also known as the Pima-Papago). Making their homes along rivers and washes across the arid expanses and moun...(Read More)
Hocak Teaching Materials, Volume 1
Hocak Teaching Materials, Volume 1 (June 2010)
Elements of Grammar/Learner's Dictionary
Johannes Helmbrecht - Editor
Christian Lehmann - Editor

Comprehensive bilingual dictionary of the Hocąk language.

The most comprehensive dictionary of the Hocąk language (formerly known as Winnebago) to date, this bidirectional Hocąk-English/English-Hocąk dictionary contains approximately 4,000 entries. Hocąk is a highly endangered North American Indian language spoken by less than two hundred people in different parts of Wisconsin...(Read More)
Hocak Teaching Materials, Volume 2
Hocak Teaching Materials, Volume 2 (June 2010)
Texts with Analysis and Translation, and an Audio-CD of Original Hocak Texts
Iren Hartmann - Editor
Christian Marschke - Editor

Second volume of instructional materials for learning the original Hocąk language, featuring entire texts and a CD.

This second volume of teaching materials for the Hocąk language illuminates the intricacies of the spoken language by showing how the words and grammatical information given in volume 1 are used in actual speech. A range of entire texts is featured, accompanied by a detailed gr...(Read More)
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